Late evenin' thinking, etc.

[bullet time]

  • i need a fabulous, no-fail pizza dough recipe...i've tried like dozens
  • recently read this book and i now understand my body unspeakably well...and before i thought i was like the female repro expert but i so wasn't...till now, that is. And you can be too! Seriously...get it used on amazon for like 4$.
  • currently wearing all the time: these shirts. Amazingly comfortable & delightfully cheap (11$ for 5). I found mine at a kmart but they run out quick at most walmarts & targets...i wear them exercising, sleeping, to class, you name it.
  • Here's the best recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Divine! I use regular size chocolate chips instead of the mini & bake it nearly every week during the fall.
  • december will be a crazy, stressful?, happy month
  • i just did a count and i have lived with 10 girls since i started college, which isn't that many over 4 years since i lived with the same ones for most of the time.
    1 of the 10 is married, 2 are on missions, 1 is miss provo, 2 are graduated, 2 i still bother all the time and i love them & know they read this, and 2 i am just starting to get to know but i think they're cool.
  • done thinking for the evening

p.s. this site tells you how much $$ you spend in gas driving from one place to another, just for kicks.

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  1. Awww. I appreciate the roommate comment. I love you too!