just wanted to say...

that i am sucking at being enrolled in 18 credits
and being engaged at the same time...
i apparently have a one-track mind.
c'est la vie, you know what they say:
C's B's get degrees!


Oh and apparently--
dating = 3 credits
in a relationship = 6 credits
engaged = 9 credits
married = 3 credits
single = ??? (depends on how wild you are i guess)


One more thing:
the BYU GPA calculator is way too much fun to play with...and so very dangerous. I just calculated that I can get all B-'s [minuses!] and one C and still hover somewhere around a 3.45 GPA overall. Worst-case scenario.
Meanwhile, getting straight B+'s in all my classes would only bring my GPA to a 3.51...
Hmm...kind of makes me feel less stressed about the mountain of assignments and projects and presentations and final exams due in the next two weeks.


  1. haha, that's pretty funny. My whole GPA went down the drain the year I was engaged! oops! What can you do?

  2. I agree. You can coast and be good. Or you can work hard to not really see much upside. No worries.