Aaron [my fiance] [i only get to use that word for another week so i better make the most of it] cooks wonderful things. Lately, salmon. I never thought I would love a fish. He buys it at costco, where it is bounteous and pink- salmon pink.
here are some cell-photos:

1. Cinnamon & clove rice, red curry salmon, edamame
2. Potatoes, asparagus, and i forget what kind of salmon
3. Orange glazed salmon (my plate) & mixed veggie salmon (his plate)

Salmon is a wonder-food. Any possible flavor seems to mesh with it. It goes with any side dish. It is healthy beyond belief. The texture is heavenly- it pulls apart with the nudge of a fork. And the flavor is light and sweet and just barely perceptible as fishy.

Does this sound like a commercial yet?
Buy your salmon today!


  1. That's my boy! Six years in the Northwest hauling in Pink Salmon from the big catch!

    I agree. It's the best. We'll expect a meal soon in Detroit. Salmon on the grill is also pretty tasty!

  2. Are you going to be living in Provo after you get married? If so, I think we should hang out and have your man-toy/nearly husband cook for us. I have awesome chocolate as a bribe.