We're just like disney

Let me tell you about Themed Dinners!

It's Italian Week at the LaRose-Adams Eatery. On the menu is homemade pizza, stuffed shells and homemade bread, spaghetti, and possibly some Lean Cuisine italian-style delights. Coming up will be Asian Week, Mexican Week, and 3rd World Country Week. (we love our rice and beans).

The schedule goes something like this:
Sunday- we cook
Monday- we eat leftovers
Tuesday- we cook something easy of which leftovers leave little to be desired (e.g. spaghetti)
Wednesday- we cook again, something delicious
Thursday- we eat leftovers
Friday- date night?
Saturday- lean cuisine? (still working out the kinks)

So let it be written. So let it be done.


  1. Hey! Why does it have to be said "Third World Country"?

  2. haha, you guys are funny. Seriously though, if I lived there, I think I would invite myself over! I mean, homemade bread? What?! You guys should look into opening a little restaurant. You could do your food around the world and do themes each week, like you mentioned. That would be awesome. :)