To You From Me

I can't believe my husband is 25 years old. Should that make me feel old, or young? Anyway, I'm very happy it's his birthday. Aaron's not a very materialistic person, so that can make it tricky to celebrate his birthday when he doesn't want me to buy him many presents. So i thought i'd use my blog to publicly declare my adoration. (well heck, it's free!) I think the majority of people who read this are aaron's family members, so i figure it should be made known that their son, brother, nephew, whomever- is not only loved but admired, respected, enjoyed, and appreciated by his wife, every single day.

So, to my 25-year old husband, here are 25 reasons i adore you.

1. You are the most incredible friend. (To me, to everyone.)

2. Each morning, my packed lunch magically appears on the counter. You are the lunch elf and without you, I would surely starve.

3. You may just be the kindest, sweetest, most forgiving man I’ve ever known.

4. You are a marvelous teacher. I have learned more from you than all my college professors combined. (e.g. skiing, assertiveness, money, stick shif- hey whatever happened with me learning stick shift??)

5. You stun me with your many talents…like waterskiing on one foot. I love your competitive streak and watching you in action.

6. If any sons we have turn out exactly like you, I will be so proud.

7. You are the most honest person I have ever met. Growing up, I gave several church talks on the word ‘integrity’, and this word is you.

8. Your cleft chin is dashing. Please can our children inherit your chin?

9. You are secretly hilarious- not a day passes where you don’t make me laugh less than twice. I didn’t realize how funny you are until months after we started dating.

10. You make me feel cozy and safe.

11. Last winter, you watched American Idol with me every week. (and enjoyed it!)

12. Soulmates may be a fiction and an illusion, but may I divulge to everyone that you are my brainmate, my heartmate, and my spiritmate?

13. Your Spanish makes me melt. (i’m really that easy.)

14. On our very first lunch date 2 ½ years ago, I felt something. It wasn’t love, it wasn’t even deep like. It was a warm feeling of security that I hadn’t known I was looking for.

15. On our first date after our first summer apart, you took me on a secret hike where we forded a river. Settled on a large rock, you told me not to peek- while you prepared an incredible salad with lots of berries. (then you realized you forgot the forks)

16. On our first date after our second summer apart, i realized i was in love.

17. You are dedicated to your goals. For instance, you beat the hell (can I say hell?) out of that CPA exam.

18. You do the dishes before I’ve even begun to think about them.

19. You encourage my desire to one day have lots of children (‘lots’ being subjective!)

20. When I attempt to tell you a lengthy, drawn-out serious story, you walk up to me and pull me tightly into your arms, which makes me so mad because i'm trying to talk serious.

21. You love to learn, to study, to observe; you are fascinated by the world and its people and creatures. I love that you can watch Planet Earth over and over.

22. The way you say my name, sometimes so tenderly my eyes well up; the way you love to cuddle; the way our bodies melt against one another as if sculpted by design; the way my head fits right under your chin when we hug; the way you fall asleep and wake up with your arms tightly around me (the way in an entire year of marriage, we have yet to spend a night apart; i wonder- can i fall asleep without you anymore?)

23. You smell like heaven.

24. You dream big, but simply.

25. I hope you live to be 100, because 25 is not enough reasons. But in short, you have made my life. Happy happy birthday.

love, jenn


  1. Dear Jenn,
    I know this post was kinda personal but it made my heart melt. After reading Mariss' "good-bye" to singlehood post I was feeling a bit bummed but you guys are a great example of what happens after the wedding-life does go on. And you have a great one together. I'm glad to call you both my friends. Tell Aaron I said "Happy Birthday!"