Rolling in like a lion

Well, hello. I had this great idea last month, of typing up about 10 blogs in one evening and then scheduling them to automatically post every few days or so, so that i'd have a month of prolific blogging without having to do anything. I got as far as creating a bullet point list of my 10 blog topics. I may still complete them in the future, but now is not that time. Today, i just wanted to pop in and say a few words.

*First of all, everyone and their dog is pregnant! It is like the Chinese year of the baby. We now have 3 close friends who are pregnant, but there's probably more who i'm yet unaware of. This is big because i have never had pregnant friends before. babies. I am excited. babies. i like them. I am so happy whenever i find out someone is pregnant, because i have been absolutely floored by the amount of infertility i have witnessed in the past few years. If i were doing my own medical research, infertility would be my #1 topic of choice. I can name about 2 dozen women i know who have struggled with it. And i don't know that many people in general, so that's a high number. Has infertility increased over the past generation, or is it just that more people are open about it? I don't know the answer. But i'm very concerned and curious about this issue and i plan on finding out as much as i can. 
*Second of all, my mom is coming to visit this weekend. i love her.
*Third of all, I found several free samples websites a few weeks ago. I promply filled out as many request forms as i possibly could (with fake e-mails, so no spam) and i've already received so many great surprises in the mail-- it's like Christmas every day! I was so excited i thought to myself, why not free samples for everyone! So just as a warning of sorts, if you get random things like laundry detergent or body wash or teeth whitening strips or protein bars in the mail anytime soon, it's from me, the free sample fairy. you're welcome.
*Fourth of all, i'm starving for something delicious. (phrase of the month, i say that almost every day)
*Fifth of all, i have this strange, offensive pet peeve lately-- people who smell like their food. oh heaven help me when this happens. i think it stems from riding the bus every day...i always keep my nose in my book the entire ride, but when someone sits semi-near me and i can smell them and can guess what type of cuisine they like to eat, i dislike that. As far as i know, i don't smell like bananas, rice, or cookies. I smell like dove soap and tide laundry detergent. It seems like this is how everybody should smell, in theory. So i get confused when they don't. Of course, this is the curse of having the world's strongest sense of smell. Seriously, i can detect anything with my nose. anything, no matter how subtle. I could be hired on by the police force as their drug dog. Yes, drug dog. But i must say i'd rather have the world's strongest sense of hearing, or sight. A strong sense of smell leads me to know things about people i'd rather not, and it's a little cumbersome.
*Sixth of all, i survived winter.
*Seventh of all, we've been living in MI for more than 7 months already, and working at our jobs full-time for more than 6 months. ca-razy. Hooray for saving money.
*Eighth of all, i need someone to teach me how to cook good zucchini. I've had issues sauteeing and roasting it....now what do i do??

That's all from me, i now have my things to attend to. (such as, vacuum before my mom gets here....wait what am i saying? Mom, ignore that-- my house is always this clean...)

[Lastly for reals, i was looking through the 1,000+ tagged photos of me on facebook today and i made a folder of the most weird/awkward/funny ones. here's one of my personal favorites, from October '06...note my seductive hand placement(?):]
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  1. Ditto on the pregnancy thing. I seriously know of 23 who are pregnant right now! Crazy, huh? Church people, friends, family, and facebook people. I have all their names listed in a secret blog and I'm keeping track of the sex of their babies so I can try to foresee what the stork will bring me. Very scientific. I agree that 2010 is the year of another baby boom! (I'll give you access to the secret blog laters)

  2. Year of the fetus! Ha ha! Thanks for blogging, it seriously made me laugh out loud like four times. I'm glad your mom is coming to visit. I was thinking the other day how there are no LaRoses in Utah and it made me very sad. And thank you for that wonderful picture of almost four years ago. That was a special night. You rocked that purple wig.

    Con amor,

  3. Make sure you tell your friends not to circumcise.

  4. Nich wishes he wasn't...

    And I hope you're smelling work outs and barbecues and not bathroom use or other extra curricular activities?

  5. haha. Coming from the person with THE worst sense of smell in the world..(me) I can't relate as much. Except it's the worst when everyone says, "Do you smell that?" and I think..."ugh NO...I don't smell it!". Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes a curse.

    I want to be a good cook like you! Crazy you've lived in MI for that long already. hilarious picture!!
    ....and a summer is coming so soon...a reunion at last.