Twenty-Three Birthdays, age 3-26.

1990: Age 3. Wearing a favorite dress, at my grandparents' house. Last birthday in Massachusetts.
1991-2004. No photos but: Cake, the clothespin game, the golf ball game, my family, and probably Jessica. 
2005: 18. Unknown. Last birthday in PA. No photo evidence and therefore no memories. I looked like this.
2006: 19. Also unknown. First birthday in Utah. No photos. But here is me that month.
2007: 20. Liberty Square apartment with roommates. And Coldstone cake.
2008: 21. Dinner with roommates at Cheesecake Factory. Homemade cake by Meagan. Aaron came too.
2009: 22. First married birthday, at our apartment. Flowers & cake. (and friends!)
2010: 23. Unknown??? Again, no photos = no memory.  This photo is from that month.
2011: 24. A big present wrapped in a blanket. And finally taking advantage of free birthday treats in Ann Arbor.
2012: 25.  More free birthday treats. A U-M hockey game with my lover. And a gift basket from my mom.
2013: 26.  I made Jamaican rice. Aaron made me a cake. We ate it all. (in one week.)

(Inspired on a whim by my 2009 Thanksgiving post)

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