I am definitely staying in tonight

I am so introverted that when I spend more than 2 to 3 consecutive hours at work interacting directly with people (e.g. today), it's like I hear alarm bells in my head telling me to retreat from battle. And then I go into my office and shut the door and pretend I'm really busy when I really just need time away from co-workers (who are the nicest people in the midwest, so it's hardly personal).  This is pretty much the case for all people, except close family members...I can be with family for probably 3 days at a time before needing time apart. I think Aaron is the only one I could be with for 24 hours a day, 100 days in a row, and not feel a need to withdraw. I'm so curious to see what category my future children fit into???  Crossing my fingers for the 100 days one....but perhaps it will depend on whether their personalities are introverted or extroverted?  Is it possible for two introvert-leaning people to produce an extroverted child?  My parents are an interesting example- my dad was pretty much full extrovert, and my mom is about 80% introvert/20% extrovert.  Out of their 3 children, I am 95% introverted (from age 5 onward, I was completely content spending entire days in my room reading and writing in my journal), Matt is about 50/50%, and George is 100% extrovert. So based on that extremely small sample size, I would posit that genetics plays a role.  However, I cannot be certain (I think birth order is also hugely influential- in several families I knew growing up, the youngest child was the most social, while the oldest tended to be more quiet and studious). It will prove interesting to see what type of people we create someday.  (Is it wrong to hope they want to stay in every night? :) 


(*An excerpt from my google doc journal- i should try to post on here more often)
Today I caught a glance at my sideways self in the mirror at work. I looked so pregnant at that moment and felt so happy about that fact that I almost skipped back to my office. Yes, I'm a little nutty. I think the craziest thing for me about both being pregnant and bringing this child into the world is how it all tends to feel so huge, exciting, important, awe-inspiring, etc. etc., yet at the same time it is such a common and universal experience. And I feel like I have to keep myself in check, like, "Woman, calm down. Everyone does it. It's not that big of a deal, right?" But then I'm like, "OH, BUT IT IS! (to me!)"  I am so delighted and intrigued when I think about this little person who will be some random mix of Aaron's and my genes. Which chromosomes of ours did he inherit? He could be anybody! (Will he seem familiar, or a stranger I must get to know? Will he be the type of person that I would want to hang out with if he weren't mine?) I am so curious to find out--  even if I don't get most of the answers until many years down the road.