Week Links

("You ah the weakest link, g'bye!")

These are some things I found on the internet this week that I enjoyed, and you may enjoy: (i may or may not have been distracted at work)
  • 1 in 8 million: New York Times profile of a Chinese lds sister missionary serving in NYC, who converted while studying at BYU. It's really sweet and worth listening to.
  • Blog of unnecessary quotation marks: I laughed and laughed at this, but maybe that's just because i'm "into" grammar, and I thought Eats, Shoots and Leaves was "funny".
  • Young mormon marrieds at BYU-I: a senior BFA photo exhibit from a couple years ago done as a subculture documentary. some of the couples look totally normal, some look...well, a little creepy. i like how real it is.
  • Vinto: new pizza place in SLC. wish i was there, so check it out for me! Pizza here in A2 (the local jargon for ann arbor; i am hip) is coming up short so far. poor little me and my humble quest.
  • Orson Scott Card's weekly column; this was about expectations and the work force, regarding women. I love him and his writing and his thoughts.
  • Washington Post article about the benefits of marrying young(er). how nice to be validated!

That's all for now. Don't even ask how i find such random things. i am the master of the internet. (mistress?)


3 p.m. on September 16th, 2009:

I have showered at night the past few evenings, rather than at 6 a.m. I like it. I didn't like when today i had to have my picture taken for the hallway staff board. it was atrocious. I look like i really do just roll out of bed into work. shoot. In other vanity news, i am refusing to wear my hair down (i.e. not in a ponytail) until it has grown about 4 more inches. (so not until next spring basically) I got it cut in june but it just does not look normal. It could be that when i got it cut in november 2008 the hairlady used scissors and thinned it out. at the time, i really didn't know what to say. Although in the back of my mind i logistically realized that while it would be good and thin for about 4 months, eventually the new hair would grow in. So I think the top half of my hair is thicker than the bottom half. problems. as you can see i have a really hard life.


Lunch break

I love free food as much as the next person, but yet I am supremely suspicious of free unlabeled mystery springroll-ish wraps. I poke and prod at them, never quite brave enough to assume they are vegetarian. Then i pull out the plastic knife, dig around, and next thing you know i have a plate of mangled food. But now i know and life can commence as usual: eggplant.
Just yesterday I discovered that I work about 3 blocks away from the following: borders, panera, starbucks, silvio's, the theatre, CHIPOTLE, rocky mountain chocolate factory, the U of M bookstore, and more. For some reason i thought I was in some remote part of town. hmm. i told you i get disoriented without the mountains.
My main point i wanted to mention in this blog is that I managed to read each book on my summer reading list, and then some more- at least 15 in total. I would recommend each book on that linked list, particularly the top two. I even plan on reading the sequel to 'the hunger games'. It was that good. Of course throughout the summer I read a book or two that definitely does not fall under my top favorite 250 books list. I would mention them, but i also wouldn't. So i won't.

But! Also! (Transition!) let it be known that being a college graduate is a dream come true for my inner book worm. I read all the time now. Nothing holds me back. Did i ever tell you about the time (i think i did, come to think of it) when i re-entered public school in 4th grade and made it a point to read each book in the prolific classroom library by the end of the schoolyear? I read books at recess (alternating with playing the flute.) I read books at lunch. And the funny thing is i haven't changed. I always prefer reading to socializing in large amorphous groups. I have no shame in hiding from the world. Books and pianos: my safe havens. My husband is my safe haven as well. He and i are socially similar, and that is reason #761 why i like him quite a bit, you could say. QUITE a bit.

Why, this post is all over the place! Thus, the end.


A few greats, as of late:

(or, 'I miss bullets')
  • peach-pear italian soda from target
  • free books on aaron's kindle
  • new $20 jeans...hurrah!
  • sunset bike rides around the lake
  • the bus, which i will soon ride
  • the stack of old photos i borrowed from bunna's house, i need a scanner, please and thank you.
  • 10:30 bedtimes...uh...10:30-ish
  • 8 am to 4 pm workdays
  • watching aaron listen to boyzIImen videos
  • GPS. not only is she a great navigator, but a great companion. my 'little lady'.


So i stumbled on a blog of a friend of a friend of a friend who recently got married. This is what she wrote in her first post:

"I feel like only married people should have blogs, because the single life just isn't that interesting. Don't get me wrong, if you have a blog right now and you're single... you're obviously cooler than me, because your life is obviously interesting enough to blog about. But my single life consisted of the same thing every day.... aka boring. BUT now that I'm married I can join the blogging crew! Yay me!"

Wow good thing i'm married, how embarrassing that i blogged when i was single. ack!


Lastly, i first saw this video like a year ago, and she melted my heart and made me want french babies. Although i wanted spanish-speaking babies first. Can't you hear the little "hola's!" already? Anyway, here is Capucine telling a story- i love the way she says the animals.