...that the end of August feels like a peach at the tail-end of its ripest point. (or a glass of water that is filled to the brim and about to over flow?)  Like August just can't handle anymore of itself, and September comes right in time? Something like that.


The sound of coming home

Whenever our neighbor gets home and his garage door opens, I have this funny feeling of being transported back to age 14. My family moved into a new house the summer before 9th grade, and my new bedroom was right over the garage (as ours is now).  Every day around 5:30pm, I'd be up in my room reading when suddenly the loud rumbling of the garage door alerted me that my dad was home from work.  That sound makes me feel the same way now-- that Dad's home. But instead, it's the stranger neighbor who we've never met.



Today marks the end of my 3rd year of working full-time (Aaron too).  We started our jobs on August 24th 2009. Since then, we've both switched jobs exactly once.  My first one was fine overall, perfectly bearable, but the pay was shameful, I despised taking the bus downtown, I lived in a dark cubicle, and my super nice but crazy asian doctor boss stressed me the heck out. (Throughout this time, Aaron was busy becoming disenchanted with public accounting.)  In summer 2010, I got a raise of $600. I guiltily started perusing the U of M job postings (guiltily because, well, I was at work). I gleefully applied to my current job (located just one stoplight away from my house!), and was interviewed by phone while in Provincetown, overlooking the harbor. In September, I gave my 2 weeks (+ a few days) notice. "Are they paying you more?" my boss asked.  "Yes....~$8000 more..."  "Ah....", she nodded, as if understanding. I didn't tell her that wasn't the only reason I was leaving. I've now been at my current job for 22 months, & will probably stay until we move or birth a child. I feel funny when I reflect over the last 3 years. It makes me think of what people tell new mothers of babies, to remind them to enjoy it: "the days are long, but the years are short."  The last 3 years seem similar. I think it's because at the beginning, the end of 3 years was a big occasion for us-- it would be when we'd reach our savings goal, it would be when we would send our babes an invitation to come join us. And back in 2009, three years felt so far away. Now we look back and think, that was so easy! Let's just keep saving and living and enjoying things as they are. What was originally a challenging new adjustment (moving to Michigan, starting work) has become a comfort zone. Every few weeks, Aaron remarks that it feels like we're on an extended honeymoon. I think this signals to us that our 4th year of working (and 5th of marriage, oh my) should involve change. [To be determined] As the Savage said, "isn't there something in living dangerously?"

To celebrate all these years of sitting behind a desk & staring at spreadsheets, we will eat a pizza and watch this movie (already reserved from Redbox, I'm a plan-aheader!)

P.S. That movie above was very good, but then we got on a roll and watched this one too- highly recommendable. Jack Black. Bernie. Check it.