And necklaces that match everything

A few things you would like, if you were me:

  • being the only one awake
  • excruciating details
  • sweet potato fries
  • playing the organ full volume with rockin registration
  • rainy mornings
  • celery & pb
  • your last name
  • farmers' markets
  • b&b's
  • raspberries


the CHALLENGER explosion!

One day, the LaRose family visited Matt at his place of employment, Becker's teaching supply store.

He was tickled pink to see us.

Then, while browsing through the book selection, we stumbled upon this.

As my recently dearly departed* friend Monica would say, WTF?
(*on a mission to Guatemala, not dead)

Child, today we're gonna learn about the Challenger Explosion! A whole bunch of people died! It was really scary! But very exciting! And through it all the astronauts kept positive attitudes. What a lesson for all of us. And it happened in the 80's, a long time ago, so not tactless at all.

Mmm, chocolate pudding.

From the back cover of a motivational book

Immortalized with my camera phone:

28 Secrets to Happiness
Live beneath your means and within your seams
Return everything you borrow
Donate blood
Stop blaming other people
Admit it when you make a mistake
Give all the clothes you haven’t worn in the last three years to DI
Every day do something nice and try not to get caught
Listen more, talk less
Every day take a 30 minute walk in your neighborhood
Skip two meals a week and give the money to the homeless
Strive for excellence, not perfection
Be on time
Don’t make excuses
Don’t argue
Get organized
Be kind to kind people
Be even kinder to unkind people
Let someone cut ahead of you in line
Take time to be alone
Reread a favorite book
Cultivate good manners
Be humble
Understand and accept that life isn’t always fair
Know when to say something
Know when to keep your mouth shut
Don’t criticize anyone for 24 hours
Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present
Don’t sweat the small stuff

I'll get back to you and let you know if it's true.

The Gym

Early morning phone call:
(ring. I see it's L.A. Fitness, and hand it to Matt to answer)
M: He says he wants to talk to you.
Me: oh dear. into phone: Yes?
LA: Jennifer, we see you are a new member here. How has your experience been so far?
(knowing perfectly well he has the computer screen in front of him and can see how many times I have swiped my keycard this summer...a # that requires only one hand to count)
Me: Er. Well. You see...I've been out of town...
LA: Uh-huh. My name is Jeff. I want to help you.
Me: I don't know if I need it, I'm going back to college soon, and-
LA: Fine, fine- tell me, would you like a complimentary training session?
Me: I suppose so.
LA: I'm going to schedule you in for Wednesday. You will be with me.
Me: How wonderful.

My 3rd training session scheduled in the past month. Will disregard the signals my body sends early wednesday morning to call and cancel.
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
Except for AIDS.