10 years of blogging, sort of

I realized that today marks 10 years since i started my first blog. For realz. I was 15, a freshman in high school. And I didn't have much to say other than how much I hated school and how many kids I was babysitting that weekend.  But despite all of its teenage angstyness, I'm glad it still exists. (It's here, and these are my first posts)  I created another xanga blog in early 2004 where my great writings continued throughout high school and early college. Now if only I could say I've been blogging 10 years consistently...that would be something to blog about!

P.S. In April 2006 I optimistically joined a blog group called "Mitt Romney for President".

P.P.S. On another note, we now have an inflatable kayak, & life vests too. I think this will be the weekend of its official launch. Conditions are perfect.