What i was thinking but didn't say as my roommates tried to get me to go to the ward activity friday night:



Dude, I'm engaged.


Why do some people make chocolate chip cookies that just don't taste good?


Augh! i know this sounds terribly mean. But boy howdy. They were dry as rocks and had no taste. And the person who made them, believe me you, doesn't read this blog. But most people make cookies that taste delicious! In fact, 97% of all cookies are delightsome.

Unless they have raisins.


Memory Lane, a Little Jaunt

August 2004 Blog entry:

"My brain hurts. I don't know. I think too much...about everything. Egad. I'm really confused about a lot of stuff...I'm worried about starting and finishing my summer school work in time...I'm nervous about going to college- even though it's a year from now- but as of this second, I'm scared to death of going. Not so much
to college in general, but it's the far distance from home that gets me. I'd give anything for the college I'll likely attend to be located 200 miles from here, rather than 2,000. I adore my family and friends too much to only see them every couple of months. Dah. I've always been the 'mature' one, but I'm feeling quite the opposite these days. I'm assuming that in the upcoming months my feelings towards the future will become more optimistic, but nothing's certain. Wow, I sound so delightful, don't I? Please ignore the brooding vibe of all this because if you were to see me, I'd appear happy as anything. There's fun planned for this week, and I have a lot I'm looking forward to. I get a lot of sleep in the summer. That also makes me happy. I am content. But there's too much on my mind that shouldn't be there. But anyway...I like my life a whole heck of a lot. It's given me a lot of lemons and all that. So. Maybe...I just need to forget about the petty stuff mentioned above that's bogging me down. It's ridiculously un-life-altering. Actually, I suppose college is life-altering. But thinking about it isn't. Therefore, I'll try not to. It'll happen no matter what. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way though. Comforting? I guess. This is the worst entry I've ever posted. [Believe me, there's plenty that went un-posted.] It doesn't even make sense. Once again, I don't know.
Anyway. I'm done now, this has gone on long enough for tonight. I don't feel much better, typing all that. Maybe it's because I'm sleepy. My eyelids weigh a thousand pounds this evening. Or morning. Whichever 2 a.m. qualifies as. Within 173 seconds, I should be in bed. Me gusta."

Teenage angst at its finest. Funny isn't it? All that wasted worry. I needed to be told, "work in place of worry, faith in place of fear". Further examination reveals that it was written days after getting my wisdom teeth removed, and the drugs had not yet run out. and the pain OH the pain. I want to give birth just to cancel out the memory.

A few months later i told this story:

"Yesterday me and george occupied ourselves by jumping out of his 2nd-floor
bedroom window onto the trampoline. That was my rush for the day. Our neighbors, who don't speak much English, kept yelling and pointing at us, which was kind of bad since we didn't need our mom coming out and seeing what we were doing quite yet. Later on, we were sitting around the kitchen table, eating brownies, when suddenly through the window we see a body fall from the sky and land with a thud on the trampoline. It was Matt, who we thought was right in the next room, but had snuck upstairs and jumped out the window. It was actually the most hysterical thing ever, but...you had to be there.
It was as if he fell from heaven."

I remember it vividly, thanks to the power the written word has over my brain.
Heaven help my tired brain.


Can't fight it

Tagging me is a very smart way of getting me to blog again.
(This is for you Aubrey!)

6 Random Things About Me:
1. I have a mild obsession with flossing, as of late. Anytime, anywhere. Not shy about pulling out the floss. It makes my teeth feel like they're floating.

2. From January 25th 2007 through May 11th 2008 I typed in my journal on MicrosoftWord every.single.day. Consecutively. Every day during that time is accounted for. (Must be honest- I did forget once in a while, when I was camping in the desert wilderness for instance, but I would fake an entry the next day instead.) Shamefully, my trip to Europe totally threw me off and I haven't gotten back into the groove.

3. Since I was homeschooled until 4th grade, when I resumed my education in the public system I was an odd duck. Certified nut. I wore gold knee-high cowboy boots over striped stretchy pants to school. I read thick chapter books during recess. I played the flute during recess. I beat all the kids at math games. I got my first B (on a science test) and had nightmares for weeks that I wouldn't get into college. 5th grade & being in a class with old friends led itself into a pattern of normalcy that I maintained through the next 7 years. But I always felt I carried a "homeschooled aura". (Read: Notable Moments at Home-School Prom)

4. Didn't eat chicken until age 10. From ages 1 through 9 I thrived on cold cereal, peanut butter sandwiches with no crust, spaghetti with butter, pizza without sauce, and dunkaroos. To this day, chicken has been my most prized eating achievement.

5. I have actually been blogging since 2002. Since then, I've written in about 4 or 5 blogs, most of which I can't remember how to find them. But the original, in all of its immature, adolescent glory, can be found here.

6. Some people call me Jennifer. Most people call me Jenn. A select few call me Jenny (e.g. those who've known me since I gracefully exited the womb). Unaware of ever being called anything else.

The End!

P.S. I tag Aaron (again, in case he missed the 1st one), Meagan, Marissa, Kristi, and whoever wants to play.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom

P.P.P.S. Hilarious. 3 Things to Take to a Desert Island.