Cell fotos!

Every year or so I purge my phone of the great fotos that lie within. The fun thing about cell phone fotos is that you only take them when you didn't think the event would be noteable enough to bring your real camera. Thus, the random: (in random order)

This is a good find from an evening Borders browse

This is the time all us roommates had the same facebook status

This is the time after i got married...driving by myself from american fork to provo in my wedding dress in a snow storm, praying not to be pulled over.

This is the time we crashed a business gathering at the Mariott hotel because Ryan Shupe & the rubberband were playing...turns out, the asian business travelers weren't into them like we were...and we had the show to ourselves. along with some leftover half-eaten cheesecake...

This book is pretty awesomely funny, of the LOL variety, especially after reading through the 11,002 things to be happy about book, once upon a time.

This is the time when me & aaron went on our 3rd date, almost two years ago, june 9th 2007. We were watching fireworks in orem and i took this foto. Otherwise known as our first foto together. Awwww!

Speaking of awww, here is our first s'more together. 4th date, june 14th 2007. don't ask how i know these things.

These are the fotos that make me realize i have a thing for people dressed as bunnies...creepster, i know. but don't they make you happy?

I think maybe the person who made this sign speaks english as a 2nd language. is that mean? i hope not. are things mean if you don't intend them to be? i will ponder this.

This is the time soon after getting married when I was constantly paranoid my birth control was going to fail me, like a cheap placebo- or that I would be one of the %.05. But it didn't, one pink line every time; eat drink & be merry!

This is the time last week when we craved Chick-fil-a and we were leaving SLC & the closest one was in the opposite direction- Murray. the trek was made.

This is from the time when the ox was in the mire.

This is when we graduated

This is how aaron holds my wrist sometimes when he drives. i like it; it's very secure.

This is the saint george temple in january...note the palm trees. we want to retire here. (the town, not the temple)

This is my bike 2 winters ago; how i found it after church. boy was i mad-- nothing like flying down the hill after church, my skirt blowing in the winds, scriptures on the handlebars...but not that blustery day.

I already posted sheri dew several posts ago, so- last one...a really fantastic green insect.


What we do, and then some

I'm posting live from the U of U health sciences library. I like our little routine we've gotten into-- every day, I work at the diabetes center for 5 or 6 hours, and then I drive over to the hospital, park in the patient lot, and walk through the college of medicine into the library, where I sneak on over to my studious husband and stealthily, so as not to disturb the med students, steal a few besos. He continues to study and I (using my awesome UID) log onto el internet or read books. Boy do i have a great book to tell you about. another time. So we stay there for a few more hours, and then we walk out, hand in hand, until we realize the mexican construction workers in the hallways may not have a hand to hold during their days, and we let go. And home we head.

Also, can i say a few words about pharmaceutical reps? Several days each week, they bring delicious food to the diabetes center conference room- macaroni grill, costa vida burritos, etc, enough to feed all the staff. Hundreds of dollars worth of food per day. They do it in hopes of manipulating/bribing the 6 doctors into buying their drugs and pawning them off to the public; however most of us are not doctors and we run in, fill our plates to the brim, grab some cokes and giant cookies with m&m's, and scamper on out. i love it, but i don't see how they do...

I was telling aaron that i would do some crazy things to learn the espanol fluently. before marriage was imminent, i was pondering putting in mission papers and only accepting the call if it was spanish-speaking. I would then spend 18 months meeting interesting people and learning the language, cheaper than actually living abroad. The church would kill me if it knew my dirty plans. Aaron pointed out that there are more efficient ways to learn. like moving to spain in some years, where i would give birth to my first born; upon moving back to america my child would have a lispy spanish accent. And i'd sign up for aaron's current job of hospital interpreting. One must ponder the possibilities, musn't one.

So this isn't my most brilliant post...but i am glad i was able to say some words.


i love her

(my mom)

mom...hope you don't mind i posted all these! [happy mother's day] i figured it's better than a card...um well, i hope.

you are the greatest.