To You From Me

I can't believe my husband is 25 years old. Should that make me feel old, or young? Anyway, I'm very happy it's his birthday. Aaron's not a very materialistic person, so that can make it tricky to celebrate his birthday when he doesn't want me to buy him many presents. So i thought i'd use my blog to publicly declare my adoration. (well heck, it's free!) I think the majority of people who read this are aaron's family members, so i figure it should be made known that their son, brother, nephew, whomever- is not only loved but admired, respected, enjoyed, and appreciated by his wife, every single day.

So, to my 25-year old husband, here are 25 reasons i adore you.

1. You are the most incredible friend. (To me, to everyone.)

2. Each morning, my packed lunch magically appears on the counter. You are the lunch elf and without you, I would surely starve.

3. You may just be the kindest, sweetest, most forgiving man I’ve ever known.

4. You are a marvelous teacher. I have learned more from you than all my college professors combined. (e.g. skiing, assertiveness, money, stick shif- hey whatever happened with me learning stick shift??)

5. You stun me with your many talents…like waterskiing on one foot. I love your competitive streak and watching you in action.

6. If any sons we have turn out exactly like you, I will be so proud.

7. You are the most honest person I have ever met. Growing up, I gave several church talks on the word ‘integrity’, and this word is you.

8. Your cleft chin is dashing. Please can our children inherit your chin?

9. You are secretly hilarious- not a day passes where you don’t make me laugh less than twice. I didn’t realize how funny you are until months after we started dating.

10. You make me feel cozy and safe.

11. Last winter, you watched American Idol with me every week. (and enjoyed it!)

12. Soulmates may be a fiction and an illusion, but may I divulge to everyone that you are my brainmate, my heartmate, and my spiritmate?

13. Your Spanish makes me melt. (i’m really that easy.)

14. On our very first lunch date 2 ½ years ago, I felt something. It wasn’t love, it wasn’t even deep like. It was a warm feeling of security that I hadn’t known I was looking for.

15. On our first date after our first summer apart, you took me on a secret hike where we forded a river. Settled on a large rock, you told me not to peek- while you prepared an incredible salad with lots of berries. (then you realized you forgot the forks)

16. On our first date after our second summer apart, i realized i was in love.

17. You are dedicated to your goals. For instance, you beat the hell (can I say hell?) out of that CPA exam.

18. You do the dishes before I’ve even begun to think about them.

19. You encourage my desire to one day have lots of children (‘lots’ being subjective!)

20. When I attempt to tell you a lengthy, drawn-out serious story, you walk up to me and pull me tightly into your arms, which makes me so mad because i'm trying to talk serious.

21. You love to learn, to study, to observe; you are fascinated by the world and its people and creatures. I love that you can watch Planet Earth over and over.

22. The way you say my name, sometimes so tenderly my eyes well up; the way you love to cuddle; the way our bodies melt against one another as if sculpted by design; the way my head fits right under your chin when we hug; the way you fall asleep and wake up with your arms tightly around me (the way in an entire year of marriage, we have yet to spend a night apart; i wonder- can i fall asleep without you anymore?)

23. You smell like heaven.

24. You dream big, but simply.

25. I hope you live to be 100, because 25 is not enough reasons. But in short, you have made my life. Happy happy birthday.

love, jenn


Thoughts on myself

Remember how blogging is inherently narcissistic? Well, I found this self-analysis, written by my 16 year old self back in December 2003-- and it's freakishly accurate 6 years later, according to aaron.

"I am:
Pensive. Kind. Cynical.

Thoughtful. Serious. Humorous.
Shy. Clever. Calm. Private.
Loyal. Mature. Creative.
Passive. Critical. Sensitive.
Stubborn. Gentle. Independent.
I am not:
Outgoing. Talkative. Affectionate.
Trusting. Insincere. Demanding.
Untrustworthy. Aggressive. Competitive.
Cheerful. Organized. Naive.
Conceited. Argumentative. Excitable."

I really like digging through my old blogs (and when i log in, i discover all the private posts that i never published) and laughing.. Mostly, because i sounded so similar to the way i do now. It's amazing how much who i am as a person has not changed, ever. One of my earliest memories is being 3 years old sitting in a grocery carriage. My mom walked down the aisle to grab something, and a person walked up to me, leaned their face close to mine, and said something like, 'look how cute you are, what's your name little girl?" I covered my face with my hands and twisted away, upset that this strange person was talking to me, and, where was my mom?

Such remained my personality for many years; to this day i'd prefer not to talk to random strangers. If someone on the bus or airplane were to attempt some friendly conversation, they just might receive a death stare. I would be tempted to say, "i'm sorry you forgot to bring a book to occupy yourself, but I didn't forget, so leave me be so i can read in peace." Except, the thing is i'm still kind and inoffensive, so i would never say that. I love people a lot, shockingly enough. Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people reaching out to someone who looks sad or lonely. Last week on the bus a man boarded in his wheelchair. I noticed he couldn't move his fingers. At a bumpy part in the road, he dropped his glasses and they slid across the floor. A woman got up from her seat, put them back on his face, and sat next to him for the duration of the ride, chatting and helping him as necessary. "Happy Holidays to you!" she sang as she departed. That made my whole day.
Another time on the bus, I noticed a woman board and in her hand she carried a large, silver 'happy birthday!' balloon. She sat by herself, the balloon string clutched tightly in her hands. She had that look of loneliness, it's a look i can't explain but i see it a lot and it makes me want to cry. I wondered who at work had known it was her birthday, who had brought that balloon in to her. I wondered if it was a tradition in her department, where everyone got balloons on their birthday. Or if someone had singled her out, made an extra effort to celebrate. As i sat there noticing her out of the corner of my eye, a part of me wanted to fold the page over in my book, and go chat with her- ask her about the balloon. (That's what my dad would do) But I'm not like my dad in that way. Instead, i remained where i sat and did what i do.
Will that aspect of myself ever change? Maybe, if i tried really hard. my reticence is deeply ingrained. As of now, i'm ok with it; overall, i like myself.

- - -

Speaking of old blogs, i found this post my little brother Matt wrote back in 2004. He had hacked onto my xanga site and written a post pretending to be me. It was too hilarious so instead of getting mad, i just made it private. Five years later it is still funny to me. And for the record, I hated math, studying, and 'personal progress'.

"I am a, how do you say, a geek. My hobbies include reading 1,000 page books and studying math in a corner while everybody else is out on dates. I don't have many friends, but I do hang out with my little brothers sometimes if my doctor orders me to. My skin complexion is very pale because I spend so much time inside studying. Some call it unhealthy, but I call it dedication! Some of my other hobbies include making bread, sewing, going to church, working on my personal progress for young women's, seminary, and watching G-rated movies. You may think that just because I spend so much time studying that I dont have time for the opposite sex, but I have been "romantically involved" with the seminary president! To add variety, I had a brief fling with a non-member. It was wicked and vile, but very exciting. It taught me the evils of necking and petting. I was born to a couple of ex-sinners, now converts to the word of God, who raised me very well. They taught me that sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you. This was probably the most important piece of advice I have ever recieved on account of the tauntings I received for not fitting in with the wicked and adulterous students of my school." - Jennifer L. LaRose Matthew E. LaRose

- - -

To conclude: Some photos from the great era of high school. (Thanks to webshots)
graduation...a devious little brother of mine
2004...me and my 3 best high school friends
Us children with sweet Tootsie, RIP
10th grade bio: Mrs. Thatcher and the "Brain Trust"
One of my favorite all-time photos: Bones's funeral gathering (Bones was the giant green talking macaw)

end of 10th grade Don pablos celebration
prom...i loved my dress. (i wore that same necklace when i got married)



The Sunday Evening Post

I have a few scattered things to say about this or that.
  • Aaron and I got new glasses. I feel like a real grownup now. I've never picked out eyeglasses without my mom before. (which ones did i pick? it's a mystery)
  • Pomegranates are a beautiful fruit. I was transfixed by the seeds tonight- those garnet gems of goodness.
  • I love getting random letters from my mom in the mail...they make my day. (she is the master of the lost art of letter-writing)
  • Kneading bread can be mildly therapeutic.
  • The library-- like a squirrel forages nuts for the wintertime, so do i forage books for aaron's busy season. I have 2 books out and 8 books on reserve (I'm number 1, 2, 2, 4, 6, 9, 29, and 187 respectively.) I will keep a running list of the books i read from now through March, it may be lengthy.
  • Speaking of squirrels. There are a lot of squirrels here in michigan. U of M even has a squirrel club. The other day, temperatures dipped below freezing and i became concerned about their plight. I googled, "where do squirrels go in the winter?" (1,250,000 results, it's a common concern you see) and i found out they don't go anywhere. Rather, they snuggle in the trees with their family members to keep warm. I decided that this is how I would like to spend my winter as well.
  • Aaron: "Are you almost done with your blog? I want to love with you." (e.g. cuddle and eat oreos, very PG)
  • "Almost, my dear. Almost. Just a few more bullets."
  • We still have our mattress in the living room; we are thinking of leaving it throughout the winter. It's warmer down there. It's cozy. It's right next to our christmas plant. And every night feels like a slumber party.
  • christmas plant:
  • Places i will eat in utah: Settebello, Rumbi island grill, Jamba juice, Vinto, Chick-fil-a, Mrs. Backer's pastry shop.
  • Something that is great: i started my christmas shopping, a week earlier than average.
  • Number of weddings i am not attending next week but was invited to: 3
  • Number of people i currently miss: ~14
  • A person i admire.
  • a t-shirt i like
  • *Edit: I forgot to add, we redboxed "Paper Heart" over the weekend. I liked it, until i fell asleep 3/4 of the way through. So i don't know how it ends.
  • Clicking publish: in 4 seconds

Most sincerely,

Jennifer Lee LaRose-Adams