The Sunday Evening Post

I have a few scattered things to say about this or that.
  • Aaron and I got new glasses. I feel like a real grownup now. I've never picked out eyeglasses without my mom before. (which ones did i pick? it's a mystery)
  • Pomegranates are a beautiful fruit. I was transfixed by the seeds tonight- those garnet gems of goodness.
  • I love getting random letters from my mom in the mail...they make my day. (she is the master of the lost art of letter-writing)
  • Kneading bread can be mildly therapeutic.
  • The library-- like a squirrel forages nuts for the wintertime, so do i forage books for aaron's busy season. I have 2 books out and 8 books on reserve (I'm number 1, 2, 2, 4, 6, 9, 29, and 187 respectively.) I will keep a running list of the books i read from now through March, it may be lengthy.
  • Speaking of squirrels. There are a lot of squirrels here in michigan. U of M even has a squirrel club. The other day, temperatures dipped below freezing and i became concerned about their plight. I googled, "where do squirrels go in the winter?" (1,250,000 results, it's a common concern you see) and i found out they don't go anywhere. Rather, they snuggle in the trees with their family members to keep warm. I decided that this is how I would like to spend my winter as well.
  • Aaron: "Are you almost done with your blog? I want to love with you." (e.g. cuddle and eat oreos, very PG)
  • "Almost, my dear. Almost. Just a few more bullets."
  • We still have our mattress in the living room; we are thinking of leaving it throughout the winter. It's warmer down there. It's cozy. It's right next to our christmas plant. And every night feels like a slumber party.
  • christmas plant:
  • Places i will eat in utah: Settebello, Rumbi island grill, Jamba juice, Vinto, Chick-fil-a, Mrs. Backer's pastry shop.
  • Something that is great: i started my christmas shopping, a week earlier than average.
  • Number of weddings i am not attending next week but was invited to: 3
  • Number of people i currently miss: ~14
  • A person i admire.
  • a t-shirt i like
  • *Edit: I forgot to add, we redboxed "Paper Heart" over the weekend. I liked it, until i fell asleep 3/4 of the way through. So i don't know how it ends.
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Most sincerely,

Jennifer Lee LaRose-Adams

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  1. mmmmm, yes those pomegranate seeds were a discovery of both taste and beauty. A nice addition to our meal...