the deepest yearning of the human soul

Dieter Uchtdorf spoke on the topic of creation at the last relief society meeting in the fall, and recently this video was produced, ahem: created. It stirs and inspires, and is also short. look:



I'm sitting here in the RB listening to a very preggo woman argue with her husband on the phone about vaccinating their unborn child. Apparently she's one of those hardcore public health majors who wants to save the world, loudly.

"HONEY, i've studied this topic and I know more than you. So why are you even trying to disagree?"
"You want him to contract all sorts of diseases?? Then fine, I won't talk about this another minute."
[continues to talk for another 4 minutes]
"I don't sense any contention, it's called disagreement. Embrace it."
"Honey honey honey HAWNY."
"Why won't you talk about it anymore??"
"You want me to pick you up from work and you won't even talk to me?!"
"FINE. don't talk. bah."
[hangs up]

Maybe it's the hormones, or maybe it's not.


tale of two oj's

Aaron and i always had dueling juices. He chose florida's natural, pulp free; i partook of tropicana, some pulp. and that's how it went. One day he decided to do a taste test, but it failed when we realized mine had pulp, a dead giveaway.

Things happened, tropicana went on sale at target, and we both came home with it, in varying pulp levels. "I think i prefer florida's natural", said he. I doubted.

And then the next day, florida's was on sale at smith's, and aaron bought some to stock up. (food storage you see!)

Fate had provided us with two juices of different brand, both without pulp. Baby cups (the 3-oz bathroom cups) were flourished before my eyes filled with juice of each brand. Taste time. I tasted. twice. i sniffed. I felt sheepish. I giggled, resulting in a snort, resulting in tears (i tear up when i feel any sort of emotion) and admitted the truth- florida's natural tasted the most Natural. the most like the juice of an orange. Tropicana seemed bland and watered-down in comparison.

"jenny! you like it!"

oh dear, defeat.


But there's another aspect to this story, it has to do with tropicana's packaging.

Classic right? The straw in the orange looks so refreshing, so pure. The old design.

But the new design? Terrible, sterile, unappetizing, generic.


Thus, stories combined, i am officially switched over.


Provo Treasures

Down on 200 east 100 north (or is it 100 east 200 north?) there is a nondescript little building that i used to pass on my bike all the time and never even notice. Until one day i did. It turned out to be the Provo Bakery, and it is just heavenly. Try the venetians, the sugar cookies, the no-bakes, the raspberry-filled something or other's, you probably can't go wrong. I hear the donuts are famous as well. Bonus- if you visit on your morning run, the extra calories will be guilt-free. Enticed yet??

[photo from last april]


Blast to the Past: 2003

(*A forgotten post from Feb '09: typed and left in draft form for 6 months)
So i've been seeing all these people on facebook doing their "25 Things About Me" list and I decided not to do it. But I also thought to myself, "25 things? That is so pansy!" Because, and here's why, when I was an awkward age 16, I had a blog (true story) and I often filled out those dumb surveys that get passed around (they've been around for decades). And once, I wrote out 101 Things. That's right. It was April 23rd, 2003. I was 16. I had recently been on my 1st date. I had my driver's permit. And I was confused about life. I think filling out those surveys was an attempt at understanding myself better. Here it is in all it's special glory:
101 Things: (as of 6 years ago, i make that point cause many of these are so different now)
1. Socks drive me crazy
1.5 I eat my french fries plain
2. I am a Capricorn to a T
3. I’m religious
4. I don’t like talking to people online very much, but I do it anyway
5. I’m thinking of when a good time would be to leave xanga.
6. I like camping
7. And hiking
8. My favorite thing to partake of is chocolate.
9. I like cream soda.
10. And orange juice.
11. And cranberry juice also…
12. I’d really die without my watch---we have a special relationship.
13. When I can vote I’ll vote Republican
14. And I guess I could even be considered a conservative…
15. My impulse purchases are always either chocolate, lip balm, or flip-flops
16. I like campfires.
17. One of my passions is walking in the rain.
18. I’ve always really wanted to be a plastic surgeon….until 6 months ago.
19. I still would like to be one….but I also have other ideas.
20. I have a dog.
21. And 3 birds including a parrot…..but let’s not go there.
22. I obsess on color (art, walls, etc.).
23. I love foreign films.
24. I like those deep, hard-to-comprehend-the-end kind of movies.
25. I eat tofu.
26. I like cooking things with tofu that taste good.
27. I really really dislike playing basketball.
28. I was born in massachusetts.
29. When I was younger I used to try to be lefty.
30. I own a lot of flip-flops, but only wear about 3 different pairs right now.
31. I have never had a broken bone.
32. But I sort of sprained my ankle in 4th grade…
33. I am 16….I wish I was either 10 years younger or 10 years older sometimes.
34. I love yoga.
35. And I want to get a professional massage sometime.
36. My name is Jennifer….it’s slowly finally starting to grow on me a bit.
37. I almost never watch TV.
38. I’ve never really done anything illegal.
39. Nor have I been in trouble with the law
40. I once had a stalker, he was a creepster
41. I took a 6-week cross-country road trip last summer.
42. I really enjoy huge, roaring thunderstorms when the weather’s warm.
43. My all-time favorite movies are moulin rouge, ever after, forrest gump, this one foreign one 44. that I can’t remember the name of, and I just can’t think of more right now…darn.
45. I have a ton of money in my sock drawer…and at a certain amount it’ll be put in the bank.
46. I don’t know what to spend my money on.
47. I have no desire to go to Germany.
48. But I want to see South Africa.
49. And Italy.
50. I am an herbivore?
51. I never wear pink.
52. I love jazz.
53. And some rock.
54. Actually, I like most music except rap, pop, and some other stuff.
55. I used to have my ears pierced but I let them close up since I don’t like earrings.
56. I like the smell of rain, chocolate, mint…
57. I love English class.
58. And strange as it may be, I also love new vocabulary words.
59. I don’t believe in ADD
60. I’m pretty sure I’m of sound mind.
61. I don’t drive very fast.
62. Probably since my mom would freak out. Because…
63. I just have my permit.
64. I don’t do drugs or drink or smoke….
65. I’m really looking forward to my 30’s…sounds odd but it’s true.
66. I play flute in band…and only in band.
67. I love lying on my trampoline on a sunny day when I have nothing to do.
68. I would be 100% happy if I could wear jeans every day.
69. I love black-and-white photography
70. In my family we each have a color for everything: calendar, toothbrushes, etc…and I’m purple
71. I got 1300 on the psat.
72. I’ve got 2 little brothers
73. I wish I had more!
74. I went rollerblading today for the first time in a while…
75. Although I really do love to rollerblade.
76. I’ve gotten what seems like hundreds of letters from obscure colleges lately
77. I’m a procrastinator to the max, and I don’t like it.
78. I write in 3 different journals (on paper)
79. Wednesday should be spelled Wendsday.
80. ½ French, ¼ Italian, and ¼ Irish.
81. My grades aren’t too good this year and that makes me nervous about next year.
82. I hate geometry…I had it a semester ago and it still gives me nightmares.
83. I never swear…
84. Unless you count: Flippin’ Shoot Gosh Darn it to Heck
85. Because of #77 I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night.
86. I think I’m anemic…not sure though.
87. I don’t eat the crusts on sandwiches.
88. I’m scared of the song "I’m a Little Teapot" because of the movie "Storm of the Century."
89. I’m also scared of Trig next year…
90. My room is yellow.
91. I like going to the dentist.
92. I never had braces.
93. I like kids.
94. I want at least 3 someday.
95. Can I make it to #101?
96. I’m having a piano recital for my students in june.
97. Um…I like Godiva
98. I can get ready for school in less than 15 minutes.
99. Jeg taster inn et språk I ikke vet fordi I ikke har noen mere ting si.
100. Desidero che ho saputo come parlare il Russo.
101. La fin…Si j'ai appris le russe, pourrais-je truquer un accent russe

Fun huh? I still love plain french fries, hiking, color, foreign films, yoga, rainstorms, little brothers, & cranberry juice. Some things just don't change. Three kids sounds just fine too.