tale of two oj's

Aaron and i always had dueling juices. He chose florida's natural, pulp free; i partook of tropicana, some pulp. and that's how it went. One day he decided to do a taste test, but it failed when we realized mine had pulp, a dead giveaway.

Things happened, tropicana went on sale at target, and we both came home with it, in varying pulp levels. "I think i prefer florida's natural", said he. I doubted.

And then the next day, florida's was on sale at smith's, and aaron bought some to stock up. (food storage you see!)

Fate had provided us with two juices of different brand, both without pulp. Baby cups (the 3-oz bathroom cups) were flourished before my eyes filled with juice of each brand. Taste time. I tasted. twice. i sniffed. I felt sheepish. I giggled, resulting in a snort, resulting in tears (i tear up when i feel any sort of emotion) and admitted the truth- florida's natural tasted the most Natural. the most like the juice of an orange. Tropicana seemed bland and watered-down in comparison.

"jenny! you like it!"

oh dear, defeat.


But there's another aspect to this story, it has to do with tropicana's packaging.

Classic right? The straw in the orange looks so refreshing, so pure. The old design.

But the new design? Terrible, sterile, unappetizing, generic.


Thus, stories combined, i am officially switched over.


  1. Yeah we noticed too the new packaging and were disappointed. We think it has to do with the economy and how people will buy it more now, since it looks cheap.

  2. You guys are funny. I always just grab what's on sale...I think they all taste the same. :)

  3. I have never liked tropicana, but I have never tried Florida's Natural either. So I don't know who to believe.

  4. I enjoyed this tale immensely!

  5. I noticed the packaging too! Definitely don't like it as much. Very generic looking. Fernando & Eliza had a good idea about why it might be though. Interesting!

    I'm like Aubrey though....whatever is on sale is what I buy. Each week a new brand is in the house. Including the generic store brand. The only rule, it has to be pulp free. I don't like the pulp myself. And pulp doesn't make it through the sippy cups for the boys.