Blast to the Past: 2003

(*A forgotten post from Feb '09: typed and left in draft form for 6 months)
So i've been seeing all these people on facebook doing their "25 Things About Me" list and I decided not to do it. But I also thought to myself, "25 things? That is so pansy!" Because, and here's why, when I was an awkward age 16, I had a blog (true story) and I often filled out those dumb surveys that get passed around (they've been around for decades). And once, I wrote out 101 Things. That's right. It was April 23rd, 2003. I was 16. I had recently been on my 1st date. I had my driver's permit. And I was confused about life. I think filling out those surveys was an attempt at understanding myself better. Here it is in all it's special glory:
101 Things: (as of 6 years ago, i make that point cause many of these are so different now)
1. Socks drive me crazy
1.5 I eat my french fries plain
2. I am a Capricorn to a T
3. I’m religious
4. I don’t like talking to people online very much, but I do it anyway
5. I’m thinking of when a good time would be to leave xanga.
6. I like camping
7. And hiking
8. My favorite thing to partake of is chocolate.
9. I like cream soda.
10. And orange juice.
11. And cranberry juice also…
12. I’d really die without my watch---we have a special relationship.
13. When I can vote I’ll vote Republican
14. And I guess I could even be considered a conservative…
15. My impulse purchases are always either chocolate, lip balm, or flip-flops
16. I like campfires.
17. One of my passions is walking in the rain.
18. I’ve always really wanted to be a plastic surgeon….until 6 months ago.
19. I still would like to be one….but I also have other ideas.
20. I have a dog.
21. And 3 birds including a parrot…..but let’s not go there.
22. I obsess on color (art, walls, etc.).
23. I love foreign films.
24. I like those deep, hard-to-comprehend-the-end kind of movies.
25. I eat tofu.
26. I like cooking things with tofu that taste good.
27. I really really dislike playing basketball.
28. I was born in massachusetts.
29. When I was younger I used to try to be lefty.
30. I own a lot of flip-flops, but only wear about 3 different pairs right now.
31. I have never had a broken bone.
32. But I sort of sprained my ankle in 4th grade…
33. I am 16….I wish I was either 10 years younger or 10 years older sometimes.
34. I love yoga.
35. And I want to get a professional massage sometime.
36. My name is Jennifer….it’s slowly finally starting to grow on me a bit.
37. I almost never watch TV.
38. I’ve never really done anything illegal.
39. Nor have I been in trouble with the law
40. I once had a stalker, he was a creepster
41. I took a 6-week cross-country road trip last summer.
42. I really enjoy huge, roaring thunderstorms when the weather’s warm.
43. My all-time favorite movies are moulin rouge, ever after, forrest gump, this one foreign one 44. that I can’t remember the name of, and I just can’t think of more right now…darn.
45. I have a ton of money in my sock drawer…and at a certain amount it’ll be put in the bank.
46. I don’t know what to spend my money on.
47. I have no desire to go to Germany.
48. But I want to see South Africa.
49. And Italy.
50. I am an herbivore?
51. I never wear pink.
52. I love jazz.
53. And some rock.
54. Actually, I like most music except rap, pop, and some other stuff.
55. I used to have my ears pierced but I let them close up since I don’t like earrings.
56. I like the smell of rain, chocolate, mint…
57. I love English class.
58. And strange as it may be, I also love new vocabulary words.
59. I don’t believe in ADD
60. I’m pretty sure I’m of sound mind.
61. I don’t drive very fast.
62. Probably since my mom would freak out. Because…
63. I just have my permit.
64. I don’t do drugs or drink or smoke….
65. I’m really looking forward to my 30’s…sounds odd but it’s true.
66. I play flute in band…and only in band.
67. I love lying on my trampoline on a sunny day when I have nothing to do.
68. I would be 100% happy if I could wear jeans every day.
69. I love black-and-white photography
70. In my family we each have a color for everything: calendar, toothbrushes, etc…and I’m purple
71. I got 1300 on the psat.
72. I’ve got 2 little brothers
73. I wish I had more!
74. I went rollerblading today for the first time in a while…
75. Although I really do love to rollerblade.
76. I’ve gotten what seems like hundreds of letters from obscure colleges lately
77. I’m a procrastinator to the max, and I don’t like it.
78. I write in 3 different journals (on paper)
79. Wednesday should be spelled Wendsday.
80. ½ French, ¼ Italian, and ¼ Irish.
81. My grades aren’t too good this year and that makes me nervous about next year.
82. I hate geometry…I had it a semester ago and it still gives me nightmares.
83. I never swear…
84. Unless you count: Flippin’ Shoot Gosh Darn it to Heck
85. Because of #77 I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night.
86. I think I’m anemic…not sure though.
87. I don’t eat the crusts on sandwiches.
88. I’m scared of the song "I’m a Little Teapot" because of the movie "Storm of the Century."
89. I’m also scared of Trig next year…
90. My room is yellow.
91. I like going to the dentist.
92. I never had braces.
93. I like kids.
94. I want at least 3 someday.
95. Can I make it to #101?
96. I’m having a piano recital for my students in june.
97. Um…I like Godiva
98. I can get ready for school in less than 15 minutes.
99. Jeg taster inn et språk I ikke vet fordi I ikke har noen mere ting si.
100. Desidero che ho saputo come parlare il Russo.
101. La fin…Si j'ai appris le russe, pourrais-je truquer un accent russe

Fun huh? I still love plain french fries, hiking, color, foreign films, yoga, rainstorms, little brothers, & cranberry juice. Some things just don't change. Three kids sounds just fine too.

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