I'm sitting here in the RB listening to a very preggo woman argue with her husband on the phone about vaccinating their unborn child. Apparently she's one of those hardcore public health majors who wants to save the world, loudly.

"HONEY, i've studied this topic and I know more than you. So why are you even trying to disagree?"
"You want him to contract all sorts of diseases?? Then fine, I won't talk about this another minute."
[continues to talk for another 4 minutes]
"I don't sense any contention, it's called disagreement. Embrace it."
"Honey honey honey HAWNY."
"Why won't you talk about it anymore??"
"You want me to pick you up from work and you won't even talk to me?!"
"FINE. don't talk. bah."
[hangs up]

Maybe it's the hormones, or maybe it's not.

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