Brownies, bunnies, and blogs

This week I made some horrible honey-lime enchies. I put way too much honey in the sauce, and felt sick for hours afterward. And then for some reason ate them the next night as well. I feel sick just thinking about them, so new topic please. (let me know if you want the recipe!)

I've been desperately craving warm brownies and ice cream. I think I will make some tonight. Friday night equals delicious dessert, among other things. And it's one of my favorites nights of the week. I'm original, it's true. I think it's funny how there's some things in this world that no one disagrees with. Fridays are likable. So are baby bunnies. End of discussion (right?)

I embarked on a new blogging endeavor. It's called Jeneralizing: The Web! (exclaimation is optional). I explain why here. It might last a while, or it might last through February. But for now it's lots of fun. Speaking of blogs, may my old blog design rest in peace. I succumbed to the new template. Wow, that word 'succumbed' just compelled me to be grateful for blogger's spell-check feature. I can't even say how I originally spelled it. I'm not the speller i like to think i am sometimes.

Right now aaron & i are going to run down the road to the grocery store. I need the ice cream if i'm going to make those brownies. So, tschΓΌss!


Give it a whirl, girl, be like the squirrel...

I'm sitting at work watching the most gorgeous snow falling outside my window. It started out early this morning as scattered, lazy flurries, and has since progressed to an array of dizzying white. A massive squirrel just crawled down the tree. Maybe he looks that way because he grew a thick coat for the winter. I used to wonder where squirrels went during the 20 degree months, but they actually don't go far. They snuggle with their families in the trees to stay warm, and cover themselves with their tails. Wouldn't it be nice if we did the same? (if we had tails?) I was thinking lately about how much I like this winter compared to the last. I finally appreciate the biting cold, the darkness, the white & the brown. They help me to all the more enjoy the warmth upon entering our home, the light on the occasional sunny day, and sparks of color around town. The mug of hot tea is half full. (speaking of, my new ritual is a cup of hot tea in the morning when i get to work...it's so satisfying and warms me right up!) Life just feels very good and balanced. I like being here at work, and i like walking out the door to aaron waiting in his car for me even more. I like coming home and cooking dinner even more than that, and coming home from the gym feels even better. Jumping into bed at the end of it all sends a rush of joy through me, and i fall asleep feeling content. And returning to the point of origin, i'm also grateful for the variance of seasons. We used to talk about living in arizona or some such, someday, but i'm not so sure anymore....oh by the way these muffins are so good. I made them saturday night and we ate them all within 36 hours. But they're healthy! Who knew greek yogurt has so much protein? (More than double that of regular yogurt) They actually at first reminded me of some gross muffins I tried once at the 'healthy heart cafe' inside the cardiovascular center at U of M. They were 'low-fat' and 'heart healthy', which i fearfully realized meant 'dry' and 'tasteless'. I even bought another muffin a few weeks later in hope that the 1st one had been an error (nope.) But these are moist and lemony (i'm prey to anything lemon) & I'll probably make them again tonight. Well that is all...unless you're in the mood for some italian opera. Arrivederci. Wait no! one more thing- my post title is from this great song. I was a huge White Stripes fan back in the day (in fact, the first modern band i ever loved!) & these are some of my favorites.