Twenty-Three Birthdays, age 3-26.

1990: Age 3. Wearing a favorite dress, at my grandparents' house. Last birthday in Massachusetts.
1991-2004. No photos but: Cake, the clothespin game, the golf ball game, my family, and probably Jessica. 
2005: 18. Unknown. Last birthday in PA. No photo evidence and therefore no memories. I looked like this.
2006: 19. Also unknown. First birthday in Utah. No photos. But here is me that month.
2007: 20. Liberty Square apartment with roommates. And Coldstone cake.
2008: 21. Dinner with roommates at Cheesecake Factory. Homemade cake by Meagan. Aaron came too.
2009: 22. First married birthday, at our apartment. Flowers & cake. (and friends!)
2010: 23. Unknown??? Again, no photos = no memory.  This photo is from that month.
2011: 24. A big present wrapped in a blanket. And finally taking advantage of free birthday treats in Ann Arbor.
2012: 25.  More free birthday treats. A U-M hockey game with my lover. And a gift basket from my mom.
2013: 26.  I made Jamaican rice. Aaron made me a cake. We ate it all. (in one week.)

(Inspired on a whim by my 2009 Thanksgiving post)


All I think about during the day...

...is what I'm cooking for dinner that night.  And what will need to be chopped. And also: what Aaron and I should watch on Netflix (though with two episodes of Downton Abbey series 3 left, that's not really a question). The question is more-- where? (couch, love-sac, or under the covers?) (and, popcorn?) And if we should exercise before or after. And if I can fit in some reading time. (in bed? Will my book light keep him awake if I try to read when I should be sleeping?)  And when is the earliest I can leave work to make it home and start (finally! oh the agony!) chopping the vegetables? (Will they notice if I leave at 5:30 when really I should leave at 6 because I got in late?)  What else is there to think about, really?*

*Ok fine, there's also babies. (ones that don't exist but yet invade my thoughts) And the burdens of others. But on the surface, is the paragraph above ^


That time the gate attendant made me grin

It was midnight after New Year's Day and we were catching the red-eye out of SLC. I was busy trying to hide my massive carry-on suitcase from the gate attendants.*

(*on every 1 out of 3 flights, give or take, they will yell at me and make me try to fit it into the carry-on size-checker [example] and it never fits, and then they make me check it, even though it easily fits in the space above the seats on the plane. grumble. I should insert a funny story here about the time Aaron grabbed the suitcase from the sizer, and ran away down the tunnel with the lady yelling after him, but you get the picture).  

Anyway, this time around, I handed my boarding pass to the attendant to scan (while using my body to shield my over-sized luggage), and he said,

"Ohhhhhhh Jennifer!  You look just like an ice cream cone!  How very sweet for the New Year!  Good bye Jennifer!"

And that was all it took, I smiled for like 6 minutes straight.
(and, p.s., made it on the plane with my luggage intact)