October 15th 2012

Below is a list of old movies (>30 years old) i've watched over the past couple months, along with some scanty thoughts:

1) The Fountainhead (1949)...I loved it (not quite as much as the book but still so good)

2) Splendor in the grass (1961)....A little dramatic, but...i like natalie wood. (and i liked the ending)

3) Bob & Carol & Tim & Alice (1969)....It's about swingers and thus a tad scandalous! (but it has natalie wood, see above)

4) Dial M for Murder (1954)....Excellent sort-of murder-mystery. (why 'sort of'? you'll have to see!)

5) Seven Year Itch (1955)....kind of hilarious & innocently risque.

6) The Apartment (1960)....Another slightly scandalous movie, but it has an excellent ending. Jack Lemmon is adorable. And after seeing only have seen Shirley MacLaine in Bernie, it was fun seeing her in an actual likable role.

7)  The Heiress (1949)....Olivia de Havilland! (aka Melanie from Gone with the Wind)



I remember when facebook introduced the 'status update' in September 2006. Here are the vast majority of mine, for archival's sake. (And isn't twitter referred to as 'microblogging?' therefore, these status updates are like dozens of micro-blog posts, thus making up for the fact that I'm not a prolific macro-blogger)

October 23 2006...at the library
October 25 2006....so not at the library.
November 18 2006...at the library because she's always wondered what kind of people go there on a saturday night
January 2 2007...enthusiastic about her new and improved GPA, infected with a virus, and watching Desperate Housewives marathons with her mom...Happy New Year!
January 7 2007...waking up at 4 in the AM to fly back to Utah! All this in the midst of turning 20...who can believe it's been 2 decades?
March 27 2007....riding the bike all over Provo
October 22 2007...so grateful for her parents, holy cow
October 31 2007...weirded out by the people who wear their costumes around campus; i have very minimal halloween spirit.
November 3 2007....is on her bike pulling Meagan who is on rollerblades.
November 8 2007....trying not to be annoyed with things and people, oh there's sunshine in my soul today.
November 29 2007....is quick with a joke or to light up your smoke but there's someplace that she'd rather be....like the Billy Joel concert tomorrow night!
December 10 2007....is going to ride her bike all winter long.
February 6 2008.....is BADA$$
February 8 2008....admits that she is not BADA$$
February 14 2008....would like to warn that this season's flu shots were not effective. You can run, but you can't hide. Happy day of love & sickness.
March 3 2008....probably shouldn't shower with her phone anymore.
March 9 2008....it's GO-TIME!
April 14 2008....is the world's foremost expert on breastfeeding, no joke.
April 25 2008....doesn't care what the cleaning-check lady says.
May 5 2008.....is mountain biking in Moab
May 12 2008....is flying to Madrid
May 20 2008....if it's tuesday, this must be Rome
May 23 2008....is crazy in love with Naples
July 8 2008....is the jack of all trades.
September 17 2008...will graduate after 4 years and 3 majors
October 28 2008....sold her plasma for some quick $$$
November 8 2008....would like to bear her testimony of the truthfulness that Smith's is superior to Macey's. [Amen]
November 21 2008....has never bought jewelery for a man before.
December 14 2008....loves GNO's
December 16 2008....3 days till holy matrimony
January 7 2009.....1/4 of the way through life, or thereabouts
February 11 2009....believes today is a day of independent study and pizza dough
March 22 2009...is hiking the Y for the 9th time, making the goal of 10 times before graduation a little more in reach.
April 29 2009...has relocated from Provo to Bountiful until the end of july
May 15 2009....went to a life-changing devotional 2 years ago today.....but don't ask me what it was about
July 10 2009....FREEDOM!!!!
July 11 2009....I'm back at that library that smells like cats, and just reserved a hotel room in Ogallala Nebraska. The Utah exodus planning is underway.
July 31 2009....Michigan, hola
August 3 2009....Full-time employed, this will be interesting. http://www.chear.org/
August 22 2009...got on the public health blog, I have arrived: http://byupublichealth.com/2009/08/21/jennifer-larose-adams
September 7 2009...ordered a bed on the internet, hope it works.
September 23 2009....thinks it's great that no matter how much you butcher the spelling of 'google'.com in the address bar, it always takes you to the right place. gooogle, googel, gogle, googlee.
September 25 2009...despite 'alumni' status I still get the BYU mass emails...today I got one about the campus "SINGLES SAFARI". All you singles, you should go to that. free t-shirts. and Inflatables. joy!
October 6 2009....i'm missing that old feeling of dangly loose baby teeth.
October 26 2009...."I think your business ideas are more beneficial to the consumer than to us...it's kind of like, 'let's open up an ice cream shop and make the ice cream FREE! and serve ALL the flavors!!'" -Aaron, on why i am not the businesswoman of the family.
October 28 2009....whenever I wear a turtleneck, i always forget to tell myself in the morning, 'hey remember how you don't like turtlenecks?" Someone get me out of this restrictive piece of apparel.
November 5 2009....Discovery: it can be hard to focus at work, when all I want to do is go home & make tomato sauce...I'm a housewife at heart, forget that feminism crap! (however I still support people who study it- Save the BYU women's research institute!)
December 11 2009....where do the squirrels go in the winter, i am concerned.
December 18 2009....my husband is 25 years old today. que loco! i think i'll feel really young for the next 20 days while I'm still 22.
February 24 2010....fun factoid: I am neglectful of people who don't live with me.
April 6 2010.....half of the time we're gone but we don't know where....
May 13 2010....this morning, we stayed all wrapped up in bed listening to the pouring rain and thunder until 8:30...it was like a little piece of heaven all bottled up.
May 21 2010....i really need to stop playing pac-man on google....it's business time.
July 24 2010....Sunrise....i never knew its splendor before today.
July 25 2010...."People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road, doesn't mean they've gotten lost."
September 1 2010....It's almost never good when you can smell someone's lotion or perfume, and you're further than 12 inches away from them. Just a thought i have often.
November 8 2010....It feels really delicious to unsubscribe from all email lists.
December 19 2010....2 years of joyness.
March 14 2011....pi without pie....oh my.

(The end)