while standing quite alone at the top of a steep mountain at 8500 feet with the thick snow falling, my skis covered, and the dense fog creating eight feet of visibility, i pushed myself over the edge, and i learned a little thing about faith.


Le Critique de Film

Last night, after the cookies were baked, we watched Paris, je t'aime. What a delight! It's a collaboration of 18 well-known directors (french, british, american) who came up with 18 5-minute short films that take place in paris and center around the general theme of different types of love. Then the 18 were sewn together into one long movie. I decided that I enjoyed 11 of the 18. 11 were really watchable, 7 were just alright and/or hard to understand.

mais oui! fenetre zut alors je ne parle francais.
where was i?

Oh yes- I liked these:

#2, Quais de Seine
5, Loin du 16e
7, Bastille
9, Tour Eiffel
10, Parc Monceau
12, Place des fĂȘtes
13, Pigalle
14, Quartier de la Madeleine
16, Faubourg Saint-Denis
17, Quartier Latin
18, 14e arrondissement

Anywho, it's heartwarming, sad, comical, scary, etcetera and does a fab job at portraying the depths of human emotions. Elijah Wood even falls in love with a vampire.

{And, potentially good news, a similar movie entitled new york, i love you is being released}

Now, as for the rest of my recommendations-- I'll have to get to those another time. But let's just say mi husby y yo be fans of the foreign.

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the old soul is getting older

I see all these cute little children who I used to babysit and teach piano lessons to on facebook- forming complete sentences, adding edward twilight applications, entering relationships, watching dr. phil, using slang, taking geometry, applying to COLLEGE. And i feel old. But gosh darn, they are still so cute [especially the ones who still play piano].


We're just like disney

Let me tell you about Themed Dinners!

It's Italian Week at the LaRose-Adams Eatery. On the menu is homemade pizza, stuffed shells and homemade bread, spaghetti, and possibly some Lean Cuisine italian-style delights. Coming up will be Asian Week, Mexican Week, and 3rd World Country Week. (we love our rice and beans).

The schedule goes something like this:
Sunday- we cook
Monday- we eat leftovers
Tuesday- we cook something easy of which leftovers leave little to be desired (e.g. spaghetti)
Wednesday- we cook again, something delicious
Thursday- we eat leftovers
Friday- date night?
Saturday- lean cuisine? (still working out the kinks)

So let it be written. So let it be done.


someone needs their ears checked

After dropping Meagan off today after class, Aaron and I were driving back home and he looked out at the falling snow and said, "Let's get naked and build a snowman."
At least, that's what I thought he said.
"That sounds dirty and cold!", said I.
"Huh?" said he: "I said, let's get Meagan and build a snowman."
Apparently Meagan sounds like Naked to me.
Sorry meagan.


p.s. mi esposo updated his blog!



Marriage is lovely and i wouldn't trade it back for singlehood if my life depended on it.

Just had to throw that out there.

[maybe i should frame the marriage certificate? do people do that sort of thing?]