someone needs their ears checked

After dropping Meagan off today after class, Aaron and I were driving back home and he looked out at the falling snow and said, "Let's get naked and build a snowman."
At least, that's what I thought he said.
"That sounds dirty and cold!", said I.
"Huh?" said he: "I said, let's get Meagan and build a snowman."
Apparently Meagan sounds like Naked to me.
Sorry meagan.


p.s. mi esposo updated his blog!


  1. haha, that made me laugh! Although, Aaron seems to say weird things like that, so I wouldn't have thought it weird that he said that....I would have thought it weird if you really did it! :)

  2. I say go ahead and try making a snowman naked....it's allowed now that you are married. Just don't post pictures on your blog of it. LOL

  3. I should feel offended but seeing as how I know you...I think it's hilarious. And yes I will come make a snowman with you but only if we all agree to wear clothes.

  4. I don't think any man wants to be naked in the cold.