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Last night, after the cookies were baked, we watched Paris, je t'aime. What a delight! It's a collaboration of 18 well-known directors (french, british, american) who came up with 18 5-minute short films that take place in paris and center around the general theme of different types of love. Then the 18 were sewn together into one long movie. I decided that I enjoyed 11 of the 18. 11 were really watchable, 7 were just alright and/or hard to understand.

mais oui! fenetre zut alors je ne parle francais.
where was i?

Oh yes- I liked these:

#2, Quais de Seine
5, Loin du 16e
7, Bastille
9, Tour Eiffel
10, Parc Monceau
12, Place des fĂȘtes
13, Pigalle
14, Quartier de la Madeleine
16, Faubourg Saint-Denis
17, Quartier Latin
18, 14e arrondissement

Anywho, it's heartwarming, sad, comical, scary, etcetera and does a fab job at portraying the depths of human emotions. Elijah Wood even falls in love with a vampire.

{And, potentially good news, a similar movie entitled new york, i love you is being released}

Now, as for the rest of my recommendations-- I'll have to get to those another time. But let's just say mi husby y yo be fans of the foreign.

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  1. Thank you for sharing some with me. I really enjoyed them and felt cultured at the same time! My favorite was probably the Iranian one.