October 15th 2012

Below is a list of old movies (>30 years old) i've watched over the past couple months, along with some scanty thoughts:

1) The Fountainhead (1949)...I loved it (not quite as much as the book but still so good)

2) Splendor in the grass (1961)....A little dramatic, but...i like natalie wood. (and i liked the ending)

3) Bob & Carol & Tim & Alice (1969)....It's about swingers and thus a tad scandalous! (but it has natalie wood, see above)

4) Dial M for Murder (1954)....Excellent sort-of murder-mystery. (why 'sort of'? you'll have to see!)

5) Seven Year Itch (1955)....kind of hilarious & innocently risque.

6) The Apartment (1960)....Another slightly scandalous movie, but it has an excellent ending. Jack Lemmon is adorable. And after seeing only have seen Shirley MacLaine in Bernie, it was fun seeing her in an actual likable role.

7)  The Heiress (1949)....Olivia de Havilland! (aka Melanie from Gone with the Wind)

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