All I think about during the day...

...is what I'm cooking for dinner that night.  And what will need to be chopped. And also: what Aaron and I should watch on Netflix (though with two episodes of Downton Abbey series 3 left, that's not really a question). The question is more-- where? (couch, love-sac, or under the covers?) (and, popcorn?) And if we should exercise before or after. And if I can fit in some reading time. (in bed? Will my book light keep him awake if I try to read when I should be sleeping?)  And when is the earliest I can leave work to make it home and start (finally! oh the agony!) chopping the vegetables? (Will they notice if I leave at 5:30 when really I should leave at 6 because I got in late?)  What else is there to think about, really?*

*Ok fine, there's also babies. (ones that don't exist but yet invade my thoughts) And the burdens of others. But on the surface, is the paragraph above ^


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  2. Tuxtun is Danny, BTW, I just was under his profile. Oops.
    Um, babies, eh?
    And you are not the only person to think about dinner--so do I, but I have to justify going to the gym early so I have time to cook. I miss you Jenn!