I have this theory that most of life's problems can be made to look ridiculous, manageable, or insignificant if you envision that you're looking down at them from the top of the world's highest mountain.  For years now that's been my modus operandi. I think I figured that out when I was learning how to ski. The mountains somehow changed my life...

Aaron's been working from home a bit lately.  Even though I only work 1.9 miles away, it's been really hard not to bombard him with demands knowing he is so close, just sitting at the kitchen table (not 'just' sitting of course)-- "BRING ME FOOD".  "Do the dishes if you have a chance? :)"  (always an emoticon for good measure :)  "Meet me for lunch, ASAP".  "The weather says strong rainstorms and I forgot my raincoat...help!!!!!!!"   (That one is actually from today- there's even a tornado watch, my favorite! *Only my favorite if a tornado doesn't actually occur!)

I ordered this hot cereal in bulk from Amazon, after eating it at my grandmother's house last month. For the first time in 4 years I eat breakfast at home now. It only takes 3 minutes to cook! Normally I oppose 'instant' foods but not in this case. I want to eat it all the time. Steel cut oats are a thing of my past. (I mean- 30 minutes vs 3 minutes...there's not even a choice here)

The craziest rain just occurred outside my window- it was like the rain was trying to flood the earth in one minute's time. I only caught the tail-end of it on this video. You'll notice that I have a green thumb. (figuratively) (nay, sarcastically).

Good bye for today.


  1. It's weird that you titled your post "Ruminating" because two days ago at work someone used that word and I had to look up the defintion and, not only did I make an effort to use "ruminate" several times in my conversations with others to help make it a permanent part of my vocabulary, but I also became temporarily fascinated with the second definition as it relates to ruminant beasts and cud chewing. I even plotted with my co-workers to make "quit chewing the cud" a common way to tell people to stop thinking about the past. Cool story, huh?

    Heavy rain is the best.

  2. Excellent story; funny coincidence. & you just compelled me to google ruminant beasts. I learned some things. (e.g. the Law of Moses only allowed the eating of animals that chew the cud!) I'll never think of this word the same way.