Brownies, bunnies, and blogs

This week I made some horrible honey-lime enchies. I put way too much honey in the sauce, and felt sick for hours afterward. And then for some reason ate them the next night as well. I feel sick just thinking about them, so new topic please. (let me know if you want the recipe!)

I've been desperately craving warm brownies and ice cream. I think I will make some tonight. Friday night equals delicious dessert, among other things. And it's one of my favorites nights of the week. I'm original, it's true. I think it's funny how there's some things in this world that no one disagrees with. Fridays are likable. So are baby bunnies. End of discussion (right?)

I embarked on a new blogging endeavor. It's called Jeneralizing: The Web! (exclaimation is optional). I explain why here. It might last a while, or it might last through February. But for now it's lots of fun. Speaking of blogs, may my old blog design rest in peace. I succumbed to the new template. Wow, that word 'succumbed' just compelled me to be grateful for blogger's spell-check feature. I can't even say how I originally spelled it. I'm not the speller i like to think i am sometimes.

Right now aaron & i are going to run down the road to the grocery store. I need the ice cream if i'm going to make those brownies. So, tschΓΌss!


  1. I'm so excited for the new blog. I am going to learn so much now. And I know you are so good at surfing the internets.

  2. yeah, i like the new look!

    I made brownies this past week. And then cupcakes today. Yikes! That's tough on a diet.

  3. I am excited for your new blog too. If anyone should make a blog about things on the web, it should be you!

  4. Just found this blog, but now I'm really interested in your new blog!

    And I'm totally making brownies tonight.

  5. Brownies and Icecream YUMMY! Ghirardelli has a great brownie/fudge mix that you must try!

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