A hello to my blog

Today i just felt like typing up random things in a public venue. So here goes.

For the second year in a row, we watched all ten of the oscar best picture nominees. We saw the final one a few days ago, and just now I had us type up our individual lists- in order from favorite (#1) to least favorite (#10). They ended up being almost the same:

1. king's speech
2. the fighter
3. toy story 3
4. social network
5. The kids are all right
6. true grit
7. black swan
8. 127 hours
9. inception
10. winter's bone

1. The King’s Speech
2. Toy Story 3
3. True Grit
4. The Social Network
5. The Fighter
6. The Kids Are All Right
7. Black Swan
8. Inception
9. 127 Hours
10. Winter's Bone

Yes. It looks like we both really disliked 'winter's bone' and loved 'king's speech'. But who didn't, si?


I recently skyped for the first time & i think it's changed my life. not a hyperbole.

Of course, meagan turning into a fish (etc, etc.) didn't hurt, either:

Skype is what i always thought of as a kid as something that would happen in the 'future'. Like, wouldn't that be crazy if we could see the other person we're talking to on the phone? Now it's happened. Ok well it happened like 5 years ago but I'm really behind the rest of the world, techno-wise.


The past week, we ate roasted vegetables, a purple/brown rice concoction from whole foods' bulk aisle, yogurt, and steel cut oats. And a rotisserie chicken for aaron. After a week of all the goodness, we scurried to the closest Chipotle for a burrito after work on Friday. Those things are incredible. I read about how Cafe Rio is moving eastward, opening several locations in the DC area at the end of the month. At first i was like, oh but why not detroit? Then I remembered how much i love chipotle- I do think i like it best of all.


Speaking of food, normally i don't watch what I eat that much, since I enjoy eating healthily- but i also feel no shame eating whatever i see that looks delicious (one of my favorite words, incidentally). It's why exercise exists, after all. But lately i've been reading about how bad white food is for you, the whole glycemic index thing. There's five in particular: white pasta, white rice, white sugar, white flour, white bread. As an experiment, i'm going to start limiting my intake of those 5 things (& switch to whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc.) (excepting chipotle's cilantro-lime rice of course) and see if i feel differently. Playing with my food has taken on a new meaning.


Today is saturday. We slept in. It is chilly. But the spring buds are awakening.


  1. I loved kings speech. It made me so antsy though because I just wanted him to get through it so badly ya know? I still loved hearing his story nonetheless.

    And I crave white pasta. And sugar. Oopsie

  2. Interesting about your lists...I have a question...do you think that you were influenced at all by the awards that were presented? It would have been interesting to watch them all and rate them BEFORE the Oscars...haha...not sure if that's possible though. You guys are so similar in your taste! Funny!

  3. I also try to watch all the Oscar nominated movies every year. I haven't watched all of them for this year, but I am working on watching all the movies that have won Best Picture Oscar. I have one left. It has been a tough road, as many of them are really long and boring.

  4. Love your blog, i too like the kings speech, eating, agree with the role of exercise (it allows you to enjoy food)...

    my blog pales in comparison to yours.. only just started! :)
    k x

    heres mine - http://any-good.blogspot.com/

  5. king's speech...awesome movie.