Gracias Giving!

A recent Thanksgiving history re-cap:

  • 2004 was the last thanksgiving i spent at home in PA with my family, holy cow still in high school...
  • 2005 was with monica's relatives in herriman; 1st college thanksgiving
  • 2006 was monica and I cooking together for people in the ward without nearby relatives
  • 2007 was cooking with my roommates for a billion people//roadtripping with aaron to visit aubrey and her family in las vegas
  • 2008 was with aaron's family in draper (and my brother matt came too)
  • 2009 will be in maine with (finally!) my family (and aaron, because duh- we don't separate)
  • 2010 will be...no idea yet. I'd love to host it myself and make the people come to us...but that won't happen til we have kids! Oh well...til then, viajamos.
(For the record, this year I'm giving thanks for diplomas, fridays, libraries, family near and far, warmth, cake, qdoba, airplanes, money, and above all love, because love is all you need...all you need is love)

Now we're running off to the airport, adios and happy thanksgiving friendos!
(and please bless that we don't miss our flight due to a blog post)

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