It is not good for man to be alone

As i sip my first hot chocolate of the season and watch an old agatha christie film (death on the nile), I realize i don't mind as much that aaron sometimes works until 9 p.m.

I choose not to cook on days like today, and instead dined once again on turkish delights.

(It is sometimes, but just barely, good for woman to be alone.)


  1. When I first read Turkish Delights I thought of Edmund from Chronicles of Narnia and how he sells out his siblings for it. But then I saw that your food actually looks Turkish. Good one. And thanks for all the tips. I don't get why I don't google things the first time I need something. Also good tip on Mariss's photog for the engagement photos. Me gusta.

  2. Well, we do know one benefit. Nights like tonight where my husband is out of town working....your husband is working late.....so we go all out with a big dinner at Olive Garden, shopping at the mall, and a big Cinnabon.

    So, I say "here here" to the men being away.

    Not all the time though.

    Just sometimes.


    I had fun tonight!! Let's make it a new tradition when the guys are away/working late.

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