A few greats, as of late:

(or, 'I miss bullets')
  • peach-pear italian soda from target
  • free books on aaron's kindle
  • new $20 jeans...hurrah!
  • sunset bike rides around the lake
  • the bus, which i will soon ride
  • the stack of old photos i borrowed from bunna's house, i need a scanner, please and thank you.
  • 10:30 bedtimes...uh...10:30-ish
  • 8 am to 4 pm workdays
  • watching aaron listen to boyzIImen videos
  • GPS. not only is she a great navigator, but a great companion. my 'little lady'.


So i stumbled on a blog of a friend of a friend of a friend who recently got married. This is what she wrote in her first post:

"I feel like only married people should have blogs, because the single life just isn't that interesting. Don't get me wrong, if you have a blog right now and you're single... you're obviously cooler than me, because your life is obviously interesting enough to blog about. But my single life consisted of the same thing every day.... aka boring. BUT now that I'm married I can join the blogging crew! Yay me!"

Wow good thing i'm married, how embarrassing that i blogged when i was single. ack!


Lastly, i first saw this video like a year ago, and she melted my heart and made me want french babies. Although i wanted spanish-speaking babies first. Can't you hear the little "hola's!" already? Anyway, here is Capucine telling a story- i love the way she says the animals.


  1. wow... that is all i have to say about the blog. too funny. you always find great things on the internet.
    p.s. i will eventually blog about alabama. i am tempted tonight... but i will wait.

  2. Please don't feel ashamed to read my blog because I'm single. I promise to do interesting things. ;)