Peace Ponyo Pizza

This is not a review but I wanted to say that we (except for aaron; part IV of the CPA exam is in 6 hours and he is/was studying) saw the japanese children's movie "Ponyo" tonight and it was strange. But then I left the theatre feeling strangely happy. It was a heartwarming sort of strange. I think i recommend it. In fact, I do recommend it.

This man is my favorite movie reviewer and has been for years and years. Read what he wrote about Ponyo here. (it is so dead-on. ha!)

I've been thinking tonight about the Peace Corps. It sounds like heaven. I know it's cliche but I want to join. Us to join. Not now, but someday. I've given this a whole 7 minutes of thought so bare with me. (there's that phrase again...i don't mean strip down) It's just...exactly how i want to live. Peru or ecuador. I could teach health programs, aaron- business sorts of things. 27 months. Like a mission, but not religious. Just for the sake of improving lives, increasing knowledge. Maybe we'd have to wait until we're 50 and our last child has graduated high school, and that's ok. I just feel a little thrilled knowing that option is there.

Everyone knows i have a passionate love for settebello right? Well, it's no longer within reach. I need quality napoletana pizza STAT! (I love STAT, i could just say it all day long. i need a banana STAT! Aaron needs to come home from work STAT! I would like new socks, STAT!) Unforunately, I have yet to find a replacement pizza- one with good italian flour in the crust, the right oven, fresh cheese, and tomatoes that aren't in a nasty thick sauce. I have been particularly in tune with pizza sauces as of late. (in tune i swear it, i can read them like a book) It only takes one taste to know it's not quality. Silvio's had way too much sugar, for instance. Which I do appreciate, since far too many sauces are too acidic or bitter.

So what does it all mean?

There is no peace corps in japan. There are no italian pizzas in ecuador. I think it just means i had 3 things on my mind tonight & they all began with P.

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  1. I want to run on the water like Ponyo. It's been on my mind tonight. Good pizza must exist somewhere around this town. We must find it. We'll make it out mission. I soooo love pizza!