I-80 Observations

....and things along the way.
  • nebraska is seriously cold...high of 68, the heck?
  • omaha appears to be a giant ghetto, but that may have just been that particular city exit
  • windmills are beautiful
  • walnut iowa is beautiful; now that is a town worth visiting
  • hotel breakfasts that end at 9 AM are what kept us from sleeping in past 8:55.
  • construction.
  • mcdonald's southwest salad with crispy chicken...i discovered this and it is wonderful
  • oh and the hot fudge sundae's with extra hot fudge...they haven't changed since i was a kid. another reason why walnut iowa is beautiful is because the old man cashier didn't charge me 40 cents for the extra hot fudge, saying "that's how i like it too" with a little wink.
  • iowans are trustworthy...i was brilliant and left my car window rolled down all night long...in the morning we walked outside and aaron thought someone had broken into my car & smashed the window, i had a near heart attack til i realized it was just rolled down and nothing was stolen, wowzers!
  • the ride was spent listening to the 5 browns (dangerously soothing, i near fell asleep); la nozze di figaro; vows: a priest, a nun and their son (book on cd); in-flight arabic (you never know when you'll run into a terrorist! teehee old joke) and various comedy cd's. the good thing about driving separately was we could each listen to whatever we wanted. and sing.
  • i'm done with the bullets, after 3 days i should have more bullets but i'm done. now, a photo mosaic!

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