I'm blogging too much, i know!

...but I felt this intense need to share with people this Dutch department store's website. It made me inexplicably giggly. I felt like a 6 month old watching a mobile hanging over her crib during naptime. If you click on that link, just have your sound on a little bit and don't click anything else once you get there.


Tonight, we switch the baby monitor in our bedroom to the "off" position. The 3 days of sitting on babies was a success. Early mornings and diapers aside, it was definitely worth the Mackinac Island fudge we got as a reward.
Do i crave children of my own? oh yes. But the thing is, i don't crave babies. I think i like children more. So knowing that they are babies first makes me able to wait a while longer. Is that weird? yes. But that's alright.


We've been looking up temporary sub-leasing opportunities since we're unlikely to close on a place anytime in the next month at least. Aaron sure found a great bargain. Maybe we should consider?
"$200 - Nudist work for rent
Male nudist willing to share one bedroom apartment on Westside Ann Arbor. Willing to exhange work, personal chores, or services...$150/month if you don't mind the nudity, smoking, etc...I'm very casual but neat. If you're still interested please let me know more about you, your life, and your views expecially as they concern casual nudity. Picture and personal description greatly appreciated, include 'bare' in the subect line of reply."

Wonder what he means by "personal chores or services"....hmmmm. We don't mind nudity, but it's the smoking that gets us. Pass.


(We could always just become professional house sitters...like this guy, Monte. House sitter, pet lover. Aaron thought this was creepy, he then said something funny but it's too inappropriate for this blog. Anyway, for $15/day monte will rotate your blinds. And take out all that garbage that must be accumulating while you're away...just kidding, except, i'm not! but i do feel bad cause he looks like a sweet guy so i hope he never googles "monte pet lover" and finds how i wrote about him...)

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  1. Whoa!! I had some blog catching up to do. Kudos on the multiple posts in one week. I'm impressed.

    BTW, you are welcome to take over the night time monitor duty at any time if it gives you the warm fuzzies. LOL