Life these days

Oh I just remembered that time I told everyone I'd start blogging more in Michigan! Heaven help me and my lofty goals. Well anyway, here I am. As an update of sorts, right now my days are spent learning my way around Michigan and condo-hunting. We originally planned on just renting. Yeah that plan fizzled when we saw all the nasty student-oriented apartments around Ann Arbor. I mean $800/month for what?? Like 400 square terrible feet? And, that's right, we're not students. anymore. Students of life, maybe, students of adulthood, but not students of college! (no auras of superiority found here mind you, just the facts)

Storytime. We visited one complex rental office and told them we wanted a 1-bedroom apartment.
"You each want a 1-bedroom apartment?"
No, we want one 1-bedroom apartment.
"It's not allowed to have 2 people share a 1-bedroom apartment."
Uh...we're married.
"The rules are one bedroom per person."
Well then...that settles that.
(the 2-bedroom apartments were $1600/month)


Also, we're both starting our jobs on the 24th-- he here me there. More details to come?

What else should I say? blogging can be weird cause I don't treat it like a daily journal, nor do I express things as openly as I'd like, because let's face it. I can't write about anyone because everyone I know reads this. I don't like to write too much about myself because that feels narcissistic. Although I suppose blogging is inherently narcissistic. I could vent like I have done often, but then I feel like a raving nut. I could talk about how incredible of a man, of a human being my husband is, but that would be bragging. I could skimp on gritty details and just write things like, "last night we went to a BoyzIIMen concert and a romantic dinner on the detroit riverfront and it was special!" Although, really, it was.

I think I'll just keep on keeping on. fair enough.
p.s. who gets stricken with colds in august?? why. why. why? also, how do impressively large spiders find their way into basements? I don't understand these things.
p.p.s. i just edited this post to change one of my verbs from the passive voice to the active voice. "were planning" to "planned"; I think i use the passive voice often. Now i'm scared. I'm scared i noticed this when I never before have. I'll try not to think about it in the future.


Meanwhile, check this out. Fallen princesses! there's 8 photos so click on each. i enjoyed.


  1. I didn't know you got a job! What will you be doing? Good luck on the house hunting. I suggest you get something with enough room that I can come visit. :)

  2. Thanks for the update! I am excited that you guys decided to buy a condo!