(It's naptime)

We're babysitting these little boys for the next 3 days:

I figure at the end of 3 days I'll either a.) be eager to hand them over & my ovary urges will've been satiated for a while, or b). want children STAT! These boys are perfectly loveable and fun so i hope it's not the latter...aaron and me, we've got an agenda; bebes aren't in it this soon.

It's interesting going out in public with them. At the grocery store today, we split up- I had Tyler, Aaron had Brady. I overheard one woman say to Aaron, "Aww-- he looks just like you!" Aaron mumbled a quick "thanks." I giggled.

(They are Aaron's half-brothers, my half-brothers-in-law. But for the next few days we'll just take the credit for them since it's harder to explain how such little boys could be Aaron's brothers)

At the cash register, the cashier lady was confused.
"wow. are they....twins??"
We: "yep!"
She: "but they don't even have the same color hair...one's blonde, the other is...brown..."
Aaron in his mind: "uhh...duh."
Me: "Yeah I know, crazy!!"
(It's really not that crazy)

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  1. So cute! That's funny because when you and A-dog actually have kids they will be dark-haired and dark-eyed, not really blond like the one twin. But it will be good practice for you. Have fun!