Things I look Forward To

[about being married]
[in one month!]
  • no more midnight drop-offs in the freezing car
  • moving in to the lovely condo
  • no more washing my dishes in the bathroom sink because the kitchen sink is overflowing
  • falling asleep with a warm bod in my bed
  • infinitely more fridge space
  • keeping the thermostat cool at night
  • cooking healthy together
  • taking charge of my fertility!
  • having a man in the house to do...manly things
  • being the lady of the house
  • gaining a whole new additional familia
  • putting a ring on his finger
  • always having a parking spot
  • no more bishop morality chats
  • midnight Smith's runs to bake cookies [well...we already do this]
  • giving 100%
  • hyphenating my name
  • working to meet our goals
  • not having a couple's blog...i am me, he is he
  • loving
  • traveling
  • learning
  • & more

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