Thirteen Thoughts

Just a few things:

1) I just pre-ordered the 3rd Hunger Games book...i signed up for an AmazonPrime free trial (my 2nd or 3rd??) so i could get the free 2-day shipping. I really hate paying for shipping. (note: must remember to cancel within a month to avoid the $79 charge...yikes)
2) Sea salt chocolate is really the best thing i've tasted in a while.
3) A year ago today, i was sunburnt from Lake Powell. Today, i am sunburnt from Crooked Lake. Both were worth the burn. yes and I love summer.
4) My personal topic of research lately has been North Korea- I had never read much about it before, so i've learned quite a bit. I have begun to think of it as the drama queen of asia. It's very interesting to read about the experiences of people who have visited: (see here, here, here, here, and here).
5) We saw all 10 of the '09 best picture nominated Oscar films...my favorites were 'An Education' and 'Inglorious Basterds' (least favorites: 'District 9' & 'Hurt Locker')
6) I really don't like the saying, "life is short". seriously? do we need reminding? Really, any time-related reminders i don't like. (e.g. someone checking the clock before bed and saying, 'you have to wake up in 5 hours', or 'summer is halfway over', or '40 years until retirement', etc. etc. Just don't do that.)
7) So, another thing i don't like...being obligated to say "bless you" when someone sneezes. Truly a terrible tradition. But some people act offended when you don't bless them. (e.g."ah-choo!"...pause....awkward silence..."well, bless me") Perhaps everyone could go on a sneeze blessing strike? Can we try it? When i sneeze, ignore me! (and i'll return the favor)
8) I also don't like pennies...i used to throw them away. They're useless. Then i graduated college and found out that a penny saved is a penny earned.
9) The italian side of my family is having a reunion in a few weeks...i made tshirts with the family coat of arms.
10) I know it's terrible & i've said it before, but i have trouble with michigan's dining options. I constantly find myself drooling over online menus and reviews of restaurants not located here. Are we really picky, or is this a legitimate issue? Hard to tell. I lean toward legitimate issue of course. I've found several places that are fine for a quick meal to fill us up, but nothing i crave or am willing to spend more than like, $5 on. help!
11) Very delighted for my dear old roommate and friend monica who is engaged! Now i just need to meet this guy. someday, somehow?!
12) When aaron was working late into the night during his winter busy season, i would sit at the piano and belt out this song. really dramatic.
13) Speaking of aaron, he found the most hilarious video ever today...i hope he posts it on his blog or something. If not i'll link to it later. *later: here it is. please watch it.

*Edit: this makes me sad. i have no books to pick-up.

[kids playing soccer on the street in naples, italy, from when i went with my mom...this is my tribute to the world cup, despite that italy was eliminated so early]

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