This Summer

In random order, I'll be missing:

  • dry air
  • the mountains
  • smith's
  • el novio
  • independence
  • biking everywhere
  • mexicans
  • roommates
  • quality restaurants (el gallo giro, gloria's, bombay, etc)
  • a whole lot more

(I have only positive feelings for provo...who'd ever've thought it'd feel like home?)

Meanwhile, this summer I'll be enjoying:

  • thunderstorms
  • brothers
  • traveling the world
  • taking classes online
  • my mom's debit card
  • driving the corolla, minivan, and audi
  • learning valuable golf skills from my dad
  • matt's graduation & senior prom
  • george's piano recital & 8th grade formal
  • earning $$ in various, self-employed ways
  • 11 a.m. church
  • playing the organ
  • my fave little kids
  • sleeping in my happy yellow room all by myself in the world's best bed
  • roadtripping to visit el novio
  • puerto ricans?
  • rita's italian ice

Oh boy!

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