[the costco post, i forgot to make a title]

I am on a blogging spree this 2009 season...7 posts in january, 6 in february, 6 in march, and this is my 4th in april. vas ist das? anywho. i wanted to talk about how costco has some great free samples, which i didn't realize until today because we like to avoid shopping on saturdays like it's the bubonic plague. Today, however; a saturday; we found ourselves in costco. I sampled the following:
  • soy nuts
  • double chocolate cream pie
  • jelly beans
  • fruit snacks
  • smoothies
  • cheese
  • vanilla soy milk

There was also an assortment of meats. We all know how i love a good assortment of meats.



  1. Um...I'm glad you found out about this. Sometimes when I was little we'd go to Costco JUST for the free samples. It was a big deal.

  2. I'm with Meagan...we go just for the samples! haha They are great. I agree though, it's nice to avoid Saturdays if possible...but they do samples every day, but just more of them on saturday. The other days they are out right around lunch time and not out for long it seems....

  3. I have noticed your increase in blog posts in 2009. I am very proud of you. A gold star for you. Can't relate much to the Costco story though because I'm cheap to buy a membership. Although sometimes I tag along with my friends under their membership. Yes, I'm cheap. LOL