Summertime oh-nine

Before we leave utah later this summer, and as we'll be living closer to la ciudad de salt lake, there are myriad things i want to do.
  • *EDIT #1* I now know what i want to do at the Salt Lake: bike ride around antelope island
  • *EDIT #2* Hang out with meagan
  • hike up to ensign peak again (it's a special place)
  • i want to eat here. I love mediterranean/greek flavors & there are none that i know of in provo.
  • Omar's Living Cuisine. Although it looks like the name was recently changed to Omar's Rawtopia. All raw food, nothing cooked over 105 degrees. Intriguing. I love veggies, herbs & falafel so this sounds delish.
  • visit the Great Salt Lake, even though i don't know what i'll do when i get there. I've heard it's not all that Great, but the lake also intrigues me. It's so...vast.

  • tour through the Beehive House, something i did years ago but this time i'll enjoy it more since church history is good times.
  • Moab (not near salt lake, but one of my top 5 favorite places) i want to attempt biking the slickrock again, camp, walk across the double arch, and eat breakfast at jailhouse cafe
  • i'll be in utah for pioneer day for the first time...surely something terrific happens on that day?
  • run into sheri dew at the bountiful grocery store again (she was stocking up on christmas goodies last time)

  • basically i'm not sure what else i want to do yet...but i don't want to move away and find myself saying, 'i wish i had done that when i lived in utah'. Oh and that reminds me...hiking mt. timpanogos...except i don't really want to do that, i just feel like i should. but no one i know who's climbed it came down saying, "oh boy that was fun, let's do it again!" so we shall see.


  1. 1. Take me to the Salt Lake and we can float in it. I've never done it.
    2. You forgot "Hang out with Meagan" on your list.
    3. You and A-Dawg will probably be in Michigan by the time Timp does not have snow on it.
    4. Pioneer Day=not that exciting. I think they have a parade in SLC though. And fireworks.

  2. I think that's a great idea. Live it up while you're there!