quiero viajar, ay!

My latest dream, obsession, yearning, point of research, etc. is roadtripping to south america, or at least to guatemala. Then I could visit mi amiga monica on her mission, which is probably illegal in missionary rules but some things are just technicalities. But honestly, I just think it sounds like the greatest adventure. And DON'T you go telling me how dangerous it is! I ain't no fool.

See, i've found a whole assortment of travelblogs of people who have done the very thing. Reading them makes me wanderlustful. A trip like this may not occur anytime in the next few years, but there's always grand'ol retirement. Maybe by then i'll have had the chutzpah to learn spanish more fluidly.
  • This couple began their venture to the tip of south america last fall '08. I began reading the archived beginning of their trip and was enthralled, the wheels in my mind began to churn. They also created this website with useful info.
  • Another couple is traveling from north carolina to buenos aires.
  • And also, this couple (noticing a theme? we are so not reproducing anytime soon) is also headed towards the tip of south america, starting in canada.
Oh and hear this! Aaron had a dream the other night that he and a friend were out doing things and they needed to get away so they were going to purloin a vehicle and head down through Mexico, except one of his cousins was going to tell on him so they stayed in america, that's as much as he remembers. Anyway point is, he dreamed he wanted to drive to mexico. A sign, no?

[the pan-american highway]

buenas noches, friendsies!

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