Things I learned

[in college]

This is me bestowing my sapient wisdom. AHEM, here goes:
  • very possible to graduate college without ever taking an 8:00 a.m. class
  • dates don't count unless you can make it past #3...the 3rd date hump. it's vital. and rare.
  • making your bed every morning gives some semblance of order to the day
  • a bachelor's degree is often worth more than the actual major
  • it's smart to choose your major based on the proximity of its main building to your apartment
  • biking to & from class each day is a viable form of exercise
  • Some boys are just creepy, despite their RM status.
  • love your student discounts (e.g. $180 ski season passes, hola!)
  • take lots of videos, not just photos (i wish i had done this)
  • At the end of each winter semester, purge your closet and give trashbags filled with clothes to DI
  • just kidding
  • don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to classes and schoolwork...it really doesn't matter that much (unless you're trying to get into byu's nursing program)
  • Dishes don't wash themselves. when cooking/making food, wash & clean EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. this even extends to morning cereal bowls. Or it will build up in the sink for days, weeks even. And everyone (roommates, not husbands) pretends it isn't their mess. [sorry, a rant; can you tell this was one of my biggest pet peeves?]
  • selling plasma may seem desperate, but cash $$ is exciting.
  • call your parents at least weekly, because you love them
  • call your grandmother too
  • [most] kids who make comments in class are brown-nosers (this one's from aaron)
  • Stay at school in the summer (my happiest memories are from may/june)
That's all for now; after 4 years i should have more but i can't think of any.

p.s. one month until my fake graduation, boy howdy!
p.p.s. fake because i won't technically get my diploma til august