modge podge

  • i'm only blogging right now because aaron is blogging
  • yesterday we saw Slumdog Millionaire and it was very good- i recommend it to everyone reading this who hasn't seen it yet
  • We also attended larry miller's funeral yesterday, but i believe a-dawg is writing about that
  • i love little boys-- i think i want to have tons of boy children someday (and a girl for balance) I was reading about how there are ways to choose the gender of your children based on which days you conceive. Male spermies swim faster but live shorter lives; female sperm are slower, but have a longer life span. Thus, if you try to conceive near the beginning of your ovulation period, by the time the ovulation event occurs, the males are all dead so you're more likely to have a girl. Does this blog satiate your thirst for knowledge?
  • I'm starting my job/internship tomorrow at the diabetes center in slc. i'll be doing pediatric research and it should be a good time! More details about the study can be found right here. And more details may follow once I've actually worked a few days. But let me just say that I am filled with good fortune to have gotten a paying internship in the public health field when we were pretty much told, 'don't expect to get paid.' wtheck? Who has 300 hours to just give away like that? Additionally, let me say persistence pays off. I almost e-mailed the man in charge of the internship, but aaron stopped me and said, "every girl is going to e-mail, you should call." And so I called, and I called again, and I found out that every other girl did e-mail. And now here we are, and soon I will be diplomatized. I am going to frame it, and Aaron's too, side by side. Special.
  • I am craving a chick-fil-a kids' meal, with a larger fresh-squeezed lemonade in lieu of a toy.


  1. I thought slumdog was pg. What a good movie. It sounds like you were really bothered by that guy. He seemed a little off.

  2. The fact that the guy was an MDT major was your clue. And thank you for calling Aaron "A-dawg." It takes me back to the days where Aaron and I used to hang out and talk about you.

  3. You're so funny. I laughed at the boy children part. Good luck with that. ;)