things to anticipate

[highlights from the moleskine, in chronological order]

*Pi Day [because 3.14159 means pie]
*St. Patrick's day [because i love green]
*byu alumni etiquette dinner [because i need to learn some table manners & i enjoy 5-course meals]
*CHES prep class [because i want letters after my name w/o grad school]
*Holi [because india knows how to celebrate]
*a-dawg's mission reunion [because i will feel awkward and that's always fun]
*general conference [because i would choose that over real church anyday teehee!]
*the day after easter [because i will raid the grocery store sales and get a year supply of mini-eggs]
*fake graduating [because i will feel like a genius]
*moving to bountiful [because i will only have a 20-minute commute instead of 1 hour]

Did i ever mention I love blogging in list format? oh i do.


  1. Oh my gosh! You guys are moving to Bountiful!!

  2. Take me when you raid the mini eggs. I need a supply too.