Bare With Me*

I really don't know what I'm about to say but i thought it'd be fitting to type one last blog post from utahpia. We depart tuesday morn- in a way it can't come fast enough. But yet on that morn i will mourn. utah has been most excellent. I will miss many things- the mountains, of course, i love them so. They make me feel protected; I am cupped in their hand. They guide me home. Perched on their peaks while skiing fills me with waves of reverence- nothing is more spiritual for me than a quiet place on a mountain. Of course, i'll also miss the bounteous cheap mexican food (and mexi's). Additionally: dry heat. I-15. Moab. Diego's, Settebello, Bombay House, Zupa's (our 1st date), Cafe Rio, chick-fil-a (we'll be an hour away). Aaron's family, my friends. quality people.

You know, the past few years i've lived here have been the most monumental de mi vida. To me, the years since 2005 were the years in which I evolved into a real person. Not just an adult, but a person. It's funny because the years i was in high school, say 2001 to 2005, i feel i remained stagnant; there wasn't a noticeable amount of wisdom, personality or character development. But 2005 to 2009, those have been blessed years. I feel like i'm so very nearer to the person i'm to ultimately become. But i probably have a lot further to go, it was only 4 years. Maybe each time i begin a new phase of life i'll become a little more complete.

On a less contemplative note, I am bouncing in my chair about driving I-80 to our next home. I am ready. I think living in the basement in bountiful the last few months helped with that. I need my own kitchen STAT! i miss our cooking muchly.

*I went back and forth on the title of this post for about 3 minutes. 'bare' with me or 'bear' with me? I went with the former. but now i'm thinking it looks like an invitation to come skinny dipping. So i should probably just change the title, but i'll leave it because to get to this point in the post you indeed had to bare with me.


  1. Miss Jenn, I shall miss you and Aaron a ton! I hope your road trip is going well. You are about a day behind my brother, sister and dad.

    Also, what you said about growing as a person these past four years really made sense to me. I too feel like I didn't change that much during high school. Maybe it's because it is not that monumental of a change, we still lived at home and saw the same people. It's amazing to see how much I've grown during only four years, and then to step back and see that I still have so much further to go.

    Love ya,

  2. You are SO funny....I LOVE reading your posts....so as you begin your life in Michigan, there better be more posting!!!! But it made me sad to read it!!!! We will work on finishing our basement so that when you come back to Utah, maybe you can stay some of the time with us (you are welcome to stay as long as you like, but I figure you might want to spread the love).....good luck! And yay for having your own kitchen soon!

  3. I loved the post, Jenn! I agree with you and Meagan--I have grown up so much while in Utah--more than I would have ever guessed! It's amazing what 4 years of independence can do... I am so glad that you, as well as all of my other roommies, were a part of that! I will miss you, Jenn!

  4. I will third that comment. It really is amazing how a few years can make such a big difference. I loved our time together. We had so much fun. I hope Michigan makes all your wildest dreams come true! Love ya Jenn!