happy templeversary

I finally got a library card at the ann arbor library. There's a branch right down the street, and i really like the building- kind of perched on a hill, wood floors and wood ceilings, lots of really intelligent looking people on their macs. I brought home a stack of books a foot high.

I got asked about 6 times yesterday if me and aaron were planning to dress up for halloween. (that was 6 no's.) I suppose i could dress up- last time I was home I found my old gypsy costume from when I was like 8 or 9. It actually fits now. But i haven't washed it so it still smells like the basement storage. I also have a few of my mom's old dresses from the 70's that are really awesome and they fit, so i could be a disco queen. Plus i have my grandmother's wedding dress from the early 50's (it doesn't look like a wedding dress & it's blue) and an antique white apron so i could be a 50's housewife. But i think i'll wear normal things because it is cold outside.

In other exciting news, when we don't make it to the gym, i do this pilates dvd. It's mildly addicting. I love the instructor- she's very mellow, has lots of freckles, and doesn't say too many cheesy things. And only $7...if you'd like to master the art of muscle control, i'd recommend it. It does serious things to my abdominals, such as make them hurt for 3 days afterwards but no pain, no gain. that's what they say...

I can't believe it's almost november. did october even exist? muy extra├▒o.

I am super boring today...this blogging action is putting me to sleep. So i'm going to paz afuera. That's how my brother matt signs his emails...separately each word means 'peace' and 'out' but they don't actually make sense in espanol. but i think it's funny. Kind of reminds me of a joke..."que hora es cuando necesitas ir al dentista?" "dos y media!" jaja. It's an english joke that doesn't translate. what time is it when you need to go to the dentist? 2:30! (TOOTH HURTY!)

paz afuera. and happy halloween.


  1. I never really got into dressing up much myself either! I think next year, when the kids are more into it...we will do a family theme! lol (maybe)...I have a hard time spending the money on something so silly...but looks like you've got a few costumes up your sleeve, so no excuses! ;)

  2. haha I always love your posts. I love that you have a gypsi costume. I am anti-halloween, I don't know why. I think it's because all the girls dress REALLY slutty, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. So, I was a bandit. Your ideas all sound really great though. I hope whatever you guys did, it was fun!